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From santa with love


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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From santa with love

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 4 then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to getiphones for cash. The service is friendly, professional and become one of the industrysmost trusted and dependable.”From Santa, with LoveiPhone 5: A Christmas Release?It has been months since the first rumor about the iPhone 5’s release was published. Themonth of September was the “it” month that most rumors about the unveiling of the iPhone 5was referring to. But now that September has come, it seems that Apple has nothing to sayabout their next generation device. Apple iPhone fans, relax!Could there be a problem with the iPhone 5? Is there really an iPhone 5? Knowing the fact thatApple has yet to say something clear about it, there could be an unfortunate thing that theiPhone 5 is just made up of the rumors going on over the internet and in the tech blogosphere.Yet, there are still reports saying that Apple’s purported iPhone 5 release will happen this yearas Apple’s suppliers claimed that they have started production time for its delivery in thesecond quarter of the year.To support this claim, an Apple supplier from Taiwan even mentioned that they have startedthe production of over 25 million iPhone 5 units. This goes to show that the real countdowntime to the release of the iPhone 5 will start in September.Because of this, there might be a chance that Apple will launch an iPhone at Christmas. Butwhat’s the delay all about?Some sites say that the delay that caused Apple still figuring out when to release their latestdevice is because of some heat issues regarding the iPhone 5’s processor.
  2. 2. The A5 chip which was also used in the iPad 2 might just be something that the iPhone couldnot handle. There were certain reports saying that the iPhone 5 being tested was having someproblems with overheating because the device could not maintain the performance of the A5chip.But even so, we can never tell which is really true if Apple will still keep its doors shut aboutthese things.Another concern over the delay of iPhone 5’s release is the confusion about the Antenna Gateissue. For a recap, the Antenna Gate issue is about the iPhone 4 being a tool that discriminatesagainst left-handed users.The antenna which was put insidethe phone gets the signal disruptedif the iPhone user holds the phonewith the left hand. It can also beremembered that the only thingthat the former CEO and now Chiefof the Board Steve Jobs said to nothold the iPhone with the left hand.As some sources said that Apple isstill trying to figure out if they willput the antenna back on theoutside, there is a delay on thephone’s release. This leads to thefrustration of thousands and evenmillions of iPhone users waiting forthe iPhone 5.
  3. 3. Another culprit being looked at is the suggested remake of the iPhone’s audio jack. As it wassaid that Apple wants to get rid of all the holes in their device, they are trying to figure out howto use a single audio jack for the headphones and for all other cables and hands-free devicesconnected to it.It is still not certain if this will come true but it is also directly associated with the plans to makean HDMI capability for the iPhone 5 so that a projector can be used to give out a larger screenfor the iPhone when viewing other materials.In a lot of ways, the iPhone 5 has been subject to major changes and revisions which is probablywhy Apple is taking more time than usual to release it.However, it is believed by a lot of tech pundits that the iPhone 5 will be ready for shippinganytime starting in the “Brrr months.”Meanwhile, it was also thoroughly believed that the iPhone 5 will be launched during the sametime that one of Android’s premiere phones will be launched, the Samsung Galaxy SII. Most saythat this one will be a tough competitor for the iPhone 5, as it has basically anything a customerwould want in an iPhone to enjoy.The Christmas season will definitely be an interesting time to buy an extravagant and thrillinggadget like the iPhone 5. So if you are planning to buy the iPhone 5, save up a lot of your moneystarting today and gear up for the new device. You can also sell your old iPhone for it so therewill be less effort to purchase it right away.