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An (iphone) sell your i phone safe and quick


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An (iphone) sell your i phone safe and quick

  1. 1. “Do you need to sell used iphone 4 then have a look at our website cashforiphones, to get toknow how to sell iphone. The service is friendly, professional and become one of theindustrys most trusted and dependable.”Sell your iPhone- Safe and Quick! Are you now prepping up for the rumored release of the iPhone 5? If your answer is yes,perhaps you are now gearing up on selling your old iPhone to pave the way for the 5th generationof iPhone once it is available. It is such a good thing to think of ways in which you can raisefunds for the next iPhone. But there are questions that should be answered before you do all these things. Questionslike, “Where can you sell your iPhone?” and “How do you prepare your iPhone for its nextowner while ensuring that none of your personal, and sometimes, sensitive information willnever come leaking out in the open?” inevitably pop up whenever the thought of selling youriPhone reels in your mind. To pacify your anxious nerves, I got some practical tips for on how to sell your iPhone inthe safest and quickest way possible. That way, you can get that sleek and powerful iPhone 5 inyour hands, and perhaps earn a little extra cash in your hungry wallet.Nothing beats Preparation!
  2. 2. When you sell your Iphone, it has reached a point when your iPhone is no longer a toolbut a liability to you. Now that you will terminate its connection with you as your personalmobile companion, it is wrong to assume that any existing data left stored in your phone is notenough to inflict a great deal of harm and danger to one‟s privacy. Your iPhone may contain a lot of your personal data- your current contact informationand the contact details of your family and friends. This could be your bank account numbers orATM passwords; things that are stored in password keeper apps. Since you are totally handingaway an instrument that has been a virtual self to you, the chances of safety and security issuesare higher compared to accounts which are susceptible to violation of privacy like Facebook andemail account by criminals. How many times have we heard and seen on the news that there were hacked Facebookaccounts being used to solicit money from friends? If a very personal account can be pried openjust by decrypting your password codes, what more can an expert do with information inside aniPhone that is very well on his treacherous hand? When you sell your iPhone, make sure that your private information is entirely removedfrom the gadget. Luckily, Apple demonstrates how easily it is to do by using the Restore functionin iTunes. The location of this button is in the Summary pane shown when it is plugged in toyour computer. According to the tech giant, this procedure will cancel ALL the data form it. Tofamiliarize you with the what-nots you may encounter in doing this, you will see a warning thatlooks like this: If ever you are not near a computer, the iPhone has its own option which can remove allstored data. However, this is not highly recommended unless you are through syncing youriPhone with your computer and has already made a back-up of all your files. You can do it bygoing to Settings>General>Reset. Wait until a menu which looks like this appear:
  3. 3. Choosing the „Erase All Content and Settings‟ option will do exactly what it says. Makesure that your iPhone is full of its juice so that the process will not be interrupted because of anempty battery. And that is how easy it is done. Just do it twice to make sure that you have already wipedyour iPhone clean of anything. Now, the next question is: Where do you sell your iPhone? To sell your iPhone is nothingsort of difficult if you know where to do it. But the best option is to sell your iPhone online. Over the web, any type of transactions isvirtually possible, and that includes your „sell your iPhone‟ business. Visit, the leading online company that lets you sell your iPhone andgives you the premium value for it. All you need to do is to go online and log on to their websiteand you have every chance of having a superb iPhone selling experience!
  4. 4. Follow their four easy instructions, and every benefit is yours guaranteed! Because theyvalue your time, you can do the online transaction in less than a minute. See? Not only do weprotect you from future privacy issues, we also make you gasp in wonder in our quick „sell youriPhone‟ process! Sell your iPhone now at!