How you can avoid being stressed by your circumstances


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This is a short poem which may help you live beyond your circumstances

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How you can avoid being stressed by your circumstances

  1. 1. The God Train
  2. 2. It’s easy riding the God Train when things are going well
  3. 3. But not at all as easy when you feel like you’re in hell
  4. 4. My circumstance can overwhelm the peace I feel within
  5. 5. But bowing down before it is tantamount to sin
  6. 6. So come on human spirit, buried deep inside
  7. 7. Move me to that place I love, the place I love to glide
  8. 8. Walking in His presence feeling all His love
  9. 9. Holy Spirit rise in me the likeness of a dove
  10. 10. When I’m here within His love My world seems far away
  11. 11. I live beyond the circumstance that often fills my day
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