Working with outcomes


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Working with outcomes

  1. 1. Working with OutcomesCommunicating what we do !
  2. 2. Where we are to date ! Supply Mapping Value Managing on less How good is the service ? What is the prospect for improvements in the service ?
  3. 3. How good is the service ? Meets service users needs User involvement Diversity Partnership Value for money Outcomes for service users Comparable performance ?
  4. 4. How we got to where we are ? Policy direction – accountable, service user services Separate out care and support Identify separate funding streams Define care / support Supply Map Fund needs for service Monitor spend and fund those projects that achieve good QAF scores
  5. 5. Criteria1. Needs Assessment2. Support Planning3. Security, Health and Safety4. Protection from Abuse5. Fair Access, Diversity and Inclusion6. Complaints process
  6. 6. Criteria – Issues Shouldn’t we have been doing this anyway ? Is it a fair test of effectiveness ? Does it capture the full value of what we do ? Does it capture the diversity of activity ? Is the process fair for smaller organisations ? Does it place the service user at the centre of our practice ?
  7. 7. The Culture of provision Quality of life – whose opinion ? The reality of service user impact upon the services provided Social and health care gains Meaningful daytime activity Jobs, friendships, relationships, money and choice What the commissioners want ?
  8. 8. Value for money Comparative value Actual value Opportunity cost value Value to the service user Value to the providers Social Capital
  9. 9. A way forward ! What is wanted ? What works well ? Service user gains Value for money pounds spent - advantage gained Partnership – joined up and outcome focused Local need – sources of information – strategic health and social service plans – do homework ! Crafting solutions
  10. 10. Outcomes – Detail ? How has this changed my life? What are the gains ? Could I have got this any better anywhere else? Could I have got this cheaper anywhere else ? What are my aspirations ? What are my needs ? What do I want to change about my life ?
  11. 11. Instruments Case studies Quality of life surveys Needs Assessment – rating need for importance / significance Specifically what does your service stop / encourage ? Life domain gains !
  12. 12. Campaigning ! Local solutions to Strategic challenges Small definitely works ! Become indespensable ! Place outcomes at the centre of your work Evidence based practice rules A structured approach produces demonstrable change
  13. 13. The future …? Survival of the fittest ? Small is beautiful ? Partnerships and growth of successful services Can local SP teams afford to fund this amount of activity ? Global change and justifications – money spent this way produced x More joint commissioning It’s a market place but a social one