Ujima induction to care services


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Ujima induction to care services

  1. 1. A virtual walkthrough Ujima Care Services Cashain David
  2. 2. It’s about helping people !
  3. 3. How do we help ?♦ somewhere to live♦ emotional problems♦ getting through a crisis♦ a full life during the day♦ making and keeping friendships♦ getting and holding down a job♦ getting a reasonable income♦ Someone to speak on their behalf♦ learning new skills
  4. 4. ‘All this help is rooted in anunderstanding of their culture or background’
  5. 5. Basic facts about CareServices♦ We provide support to 444 people♦ 69 staff members work in Care Services♦ 5 Elderly Sheltered schemes♦ 8 Mental Health schemes♦ Care services income is ~£ 3.5m p.a.♦ Two of our schemes been recognised for excellence of scheme design.
  6. 6. Our portfolio♦ Older people - Accommodation with support for those who are independent and fragile♦ Mental Health - Accommodation with high and low support♦ Supported Housing – Accommodation and support for those living in shared properties
  7. 7. Older people schemes♦ Key points♦ Scheme Manager on site to provide support♦ Programme of activities and outings♦ Emergency call system (out of hours)♦ Comfortable environment♦ Positive imagery of culture / history
  8. 8. Quiet Lounge, Millennium House
  9. 9. Residents home, Windrush House,
  10. 10. Lounge, Millennium House,
  11. 11. Out of hours call system
  12. 12. Residents front door, Millennium House
  13. 13. Guest room for family and friends
  14. 14. Adapted Bathroom, Millennium House
  15. 15. Adapted Bathroom, Asantewa House
  16. 16. Day Centre, Asantewa House
  17. 17. Views, Asantewa House and Millennium House
  18. 18. Mental Health Schemes♦ Key points♦ Regular inspections to ensure quality♦ Block contracts to ensure income streams♦ Programme of activities and outings♦ Developed second stage move on within community
  19. 19. External view, Elms lane scheme
  20. 20. Landscaped grounds, Franz Fanon House
  21. 21. Laundry room, Franz Fanon House
  22. 22. Preparing the evening meal, Franz Fanon House
  23. 23. Residents training kitchen, Elms lane scheme
  24. 24. Supported living scheme, Franz Fanon House
  25. 25. Supported living flat, Franz Fanon House
  26. 26. Supported living flat, Franz Fanon House
  27. 27. Supported living flat, Franz Fanon House
  28. 28. ‘Creating a home of my own’Supported living flat, Franz Fanon House
  29. 29. ‘Creating a home of my own’Supported living flat, Franz Fanon House
  30. 30. Supported accommodation♦ Key points♦ Cover a wide range of residents from young single homeless, sickle cell to refugees♦ Stock in variable in condition♦ Some residents don’t need/want support♦ Shared accommodation of this type is not seen as the future
  31. 31. Supported Housing house, Brent
  32. 32. Entry system, Brent
  33. 33. Shared accommodation, Brent
  34. 34. Personal Bathroom, Hammersmith & Fulham