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From design to delivery


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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From design to delivery

  1. 1. Involving the Blackcommunities inMental Healthservices
  2. 2. Why ?♦ Ownership♦ Relevance♦ Source of knowledge♦ Addresses the underlying contributing factors
  3. 3. Be creative about who youlisten to..♦ Hairdressers and Barbers♦ Street Cleaners♦ Churches, Mosques, Gudwaras’♦ Noise Nuisance – Environmental Health officers♦ Shops who sell direct to the community
  4. 4. Design – form and function♦ If we are still designing the same services in 2004 that we were in 1974 something must be going wrong♦ Communities have changed – Communities needs have changed – The mistake of the Blenheim project – Mellow, creative entertainment – Oremi, working with children in care – Fanon Care, becoming a landlord
  5. 5. Delivery – what’s in it for thecommunity ?♦ Our buildings stand empty, and mystified♦ People always looking for venues for Births, Marriages and Deaths♦ ‘Venues that are known and used by the community are not feared by the community’♦ Get to know family, friends and peers – invite them to your events
  6. 6. Review – who’s the piper ?♦ We are in a highly regulated industry♦ Invite community to tell you how you are doing… but only if you are going to act on what they say • Open lunches • Entertainment events with feedback • Paid rota visits by members of the community • Committee of elders
  7. 7. Critical Questions♦ What are you doing to prevent family breakdown ?♦ How are you responding to exclusions form schools ?♦ How are you preventing substance use/abuse ?♦ How do you help service users find and maintain partners ?