The 10 Weirdest iPhone Accessories Ever Invented (Part One)


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he thing about the iPhone that people love the most is the accompanying wide market of accessories. Everyone loves to dress up, and dressing up your iPhone is the best way to make a statement. But somehow people who are selling an iPhone accessory are getting weirder by the minute. In the previous article, we have given you the first five in the list of the weirdest iPhone accessories on the market as of the moment. The list can go forever, but we’re giving you the last five for now.

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The 10 Weirdest iPhone Accessories Ever Invented (Part One)

  1. 1. The 10 Weirdest iPhone Accessories Ever Invented (Part One) Owning an iPhone doesn’t just mean that you get to be cool and trendy (just because the device looks ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ at the moment). These days, owning an iPhone also means that you get to be stylish and funky. To support the growing iPhone hype, there are now hundreds of retailers that are selling an iPhone accessory or two. Actually, these iPhone accessories are so wide in variety one cannot simply just pick a simple case and live with it forever. People have decided that creating lots and lots of iPhone accessories would cater to different kinds of iPhone users, but they may have overlooked some details. Here are the first five in the list of the weirdest iPhone accessories ever sold.1. Camera Lens. No darling, we’re not stupidly ignorant of iPhoneography. It’s a trend and it’s been making a statement. But creating a lens for the iPhone camera seems a little pointless (knowing how ‘brilliant’ the iPhone cameras are and how at par they are with real cameras). Seriously, if you look at the photos of the camera lens, it’s even bigger than your iPhone! It is attached to a black iPhone casing and has a lens the size of a normal DSLR would have. We’re guessing that the person who is selling an iPhone camera lens does not have pockets to pattern these accessories with.2. Duct Tape. We’re not kidding at all. This may be the more controversial iPhone case anyone could ever think of, but it’s actually cool to think that it could protect your iPhone in the cheapest possible way. It’s duct tape after all! What particular thing can duct tape not cover? (Umm, the hairs on your leg would probably fit into that) Yes, it may be a perfect, slick fit for your iPhone’s vulnerable spot and it may seem to have a perfect grip, but believe us it’s weird. And it’s definitely hard to take out.3. Diamonds. If you want to tell the world that you’re rich (and a spoiled, boastful brat to boot), here’s the perfect accessory for you. Did you know that you can have your iPhone 4
  2. 2. encrusted with 6.5 carat diamonds? Jeweller Stuart Hughes did a fine job at lining that iPhone 4 with cute little diamonds for sure. Why else would he charge eight million dollars for it?4. Glow in the Dark Decal. Imagine what it would be like if you were texting with your iPhone while inside the train that is about to pass a dark tunnel and you have this iPhone accessory. We can just imagine the looks on the people’s faces when they see your iPhone light up in the dark under your very grim smile. Funky, but definitely weird.5. iPhone 4 Revolver Holder. This is the best way to show them you mean business. So unnecessary, yet so much fun. The silver iPhone 4 gun case was designed by my homey Junior Tan. We can imagine the sly, nasty look he had on his face while he’s selling an iPhone 4 case that doesn’t really look like it could kill. 100% Weird.Sources: Top iPhone News From Cashforiphones Links: • Sell used iPhone For Cash • Cashforiphones News Site • Cashforiphones Fan Page • @cash4_iphones