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Selling your iPhone May Be a Bad Idea With These New Apps


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Are you thinking of selling your iPhone because you don’t have much fun with it anymore? There are a couple of well-designed and fun arcade game apps that have just been released.

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Selling your iPhone May Be a Bad Idea With These New Apps

  1. 1. Selling your iPhone May Be a Bad Idea With These New AppsAre you thinking of selling your iPhonebecause you don’t have much fun with itanymore? There are a couple of well-designed and fun arcade game apps thathave just been released. First is Don’t Frythe Frog!, a new and exciting gamewherein your thumbs get electrified as yourgoal is to zap pesky flies before a frog eatsthem and there’s also Munch Time, more ofa puzzle game wherein you’ll navigate achameleon, making it change its color sothat it can move from one level to the nextDon’t Fry the Frog! is a free game appthat will require you to use both your thumbs when playing. Though it looks easy and simple to play,you can be guaranteed hours of fun. You first press both your thumbs on the screen of your iPhoneand there’s going to be an electric current that will appear in the middle of them. What you will needto do is move your thumbs on the screen so that the current can move as well, killing bad flies that cankill a frog that is trying to eat them. Of course, you need to avoid letting the current touch the frog,unless you want to fry it, which is totally opposite to the object of the game. However, the frog won’treally help you a lot because it will hop around, trying to eat the flies, some of them poisonous. Youare supposed to kill the bad flies using the electricity you have in between your thumbs. If youelectrocute the frog or let it eat bad flies, you will lose a life. In contrast, you will get more points themore flies you zap and the longer your fingers stay on the screen.On the other hand, if you have entertained thoughts of selling your iPhone because you’ve gottenbored of your favorite Cut the Rope game, then you can try Munch Time. You will get to do some ofthe things you used to do in Cut the Rope in this game. You will guide a chameleon that’s looking forsome food to eat on each level. At the same time, you’ll also want the chameleon to get threestars. So, your aim is to let the chameleon get the three stars, then get its food. You will be directingthe tongue of the chameleon to swing from one flower to another, although you’ll need to change itscolor so that it can hold on to some flowers. To change color, a chameleon has to eat somebugs. That’s a lot of things to do in a single game, so you won’t get bored for a long time playing thisapp.
  2. 2. These games are as entertaining as they are affordable. Don’t Fry the Frog! won’t cost you anything,while Munch Time costs less than a dollar. But if you’re really determined to selling your iPhone forcash because you want to upgrade or if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my iPhone 3G already,” youcan look into websites like CashforiPhones that will buy your used iPhone with less hassle.Sources:Top iPhone News From Cashforiphones Links: • Sell your iPhone For Cash • Cashforiphones News Site • Cashforiphones Fan Page • @cash4_iphones