Sell iPhone for Cash and Go With the Hype


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Just a short time before the iPhone 4S was released, a lot of naysayers claimed that there would not be an iPhone 4S pre-love and that a decline of sales would follow after the release.

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Sell iPhone for Cash and Go With the Hype

  1. 1. Sell iPhone for Cash and Go With the HypeBy: Twila B.Just a short time before the iPhone 4Swas released, a lot of naysayersclaimed that there would not be aniPhone 4S pre-love and that a declineof sales would follow after the release.These people believed that because theiPhone 4S was “not good enough,”consumers would rather wait forthe iPhone 5 to upgrade. This led a lotof people to believe that maybe, itwouldn’t really be a wise decision to selliPhone for cash, especially if yourprevious iPhone was an iPhone 4 whichat the time the 4S was released, wasjust over a year ago.Now, after the release, what happened was otherwise and iPhone 4S has certainly lived up to its hype.Apple’s ExpectationsApple believed that even when people expressed their disappointment about the absence of theiPhone 5, they would still run to the Apple stores for an upgrade because the iPhone 4S is worth it all.In fact, the company has reported that the magnitude of their quarterly earnings is based largely onthe iPhone 4S sold. The iPhone 4S set a record high in the company’s sale of more than four millionunits bought in just a span of three days.Apple weighs that if the large numbers of consumers are done with their two-year contracts with theircarriers, chances are more and more people will get the iPhone 4S. They believe the iPhone 4S has all ittakes to make people satisfied with all its internal upgrades.
  2. 2. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4SDisplayWhen it comes to display, Apple has been recently bombarded with complaints that the iPhone 4 hasbetter display quality than the iPhone 4S even if they both use the Retina Display.A lot of iPhone 4S users complain about the yellow tint that can be very distracting when using thephone. There are also reports saying that if the yellow tint is absent, a washed out display is seen.Apple earlier noted that if a certain iPhone 4S user experienced this kind of manufacture glitch, theyshould go to the nearest Apple store and have it checked. This would help them see if the owner of thephone is eligible for a replacement.iO5One of the best points of the iPhone 4S is its operating system. The iPhone 4S now has the iOS thatreleased a lot of special and useful capabilities for an iPhone user. With the iOS 5, an iPhone 4S usercan now enjoy more than 200 new phone features.Some of the new things to experience using the iOS 5 are the enhanced Notification Center, iMessage,Newsstand and the deep Twitter integration. Indeed, the iOS 5 gives a surplus of softwareimprovements.With all of these features, is it finally safe to say that the idea to sell iPhone for cash is a good one, afterall? The answer is a resounding yes. Why not sell iPhone for cash at CashforiPhones and get money tobuy the iPhone 4S the easiest way?Sources:Top iPhone News From Cashforiphones Links: • Sell iPhone For Cash • Cashforiphones News Site • Cashforiphones Fan Page • @cash4_iphones