Fun Karaoke Apps for Your iPhone


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And since we all love singing, why not take the Karaoke machine in your packet rather than waiting every Thursday for the local bar’s Karaoke night? You don’t have to buy a Karaoke machine for that! All you probably have to do is to sell iPhone 3GS and buy a classier iPhone that could work as your Karaoke machine! There’s an app for that! Try these apps and unleash the diva in you.

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Fun Karaoke Apps for Your iPhone

  1. 1. Though Karaoke is less rampant in the U.S.than it is in most Asian countries likeJapan, China and the Philippines, we cannotsay that it’s something Americans would neverwant to have on their iPhones. After all, weare known all over the world for our love formusic and the abundant music genres that wehave.
  2. 2. And since we all love singing, why nottake the Karaoke machine in yourpocket rather than waiting everyThursday for the local bar’s Karaokenight? You don’t have to buy a Karaokemachine for that! All you probably haveto do is to sell iPhone 3GS and buy aclassier iPhone that could work as yourKaraoke machine!
  3. 3. StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-TuneOne thing that your iPhone can do that normalKaraoke machines or bars can’t is that it can offeryou new songs that are not from the era of yourmother or great grandfather. StarMaker is afavorite for all iPhone and iPad singer wannabesbecause it’s probably one of the very few Karaokeapps in the app store that only features hip songsfrom artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Nikki Minaj, KatyPerry, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.If you’re also confident about your singing voice youcould even do some recordings, pick a stage nameand let the whole world know you love to sing. Butyou probably have to sell iPhone 2G to use thisbecause it requires iOS 5.0 and above.
  4. 4. The KARAOKE Channel MobileThink you’re a lyrics master who can, as RandyJackson said, sing the phonebook? Well you shouldtry the Karaoke Channel because this app promisesa larger than life song catalog that has more than8,000 songs! It has songs from the 70’s all the way tothe 2000’s and also features a wide variety of musicgenres. Another plus point for this app is that youdon’t have to sell iPhone 3GS to use it because itwill work on Apple devices that run iOS 3.1 andabove. However, you’re going to have to preparesome pennies for this app because it requires usersto purchase inside the app to unlock songs.
  5. 5. LaDiDaHave you ever experienced ‘live karaoke’ inrestaurants and bars? It’s when a band playsa song that you would sing along for a smallfee. Well LaDiDa is more like that kind ofkaraoke app except it’s more of a crafty,‘make your own’ project rather than a‘follow the tune’ thing. It’s practically arecording tool that has preset beats andeffects to make you sound better than youreally are! You can also use it for recordingcovers of your favorite song because whoknows? You might just be discovered!
  6. 6. Glee KaraokeThis app is for all the certified Gleeks outthere who wants to practice for a GleeProject audition! Get the hang of singing likeRachel Berry or belting out like MercedesJones through these Karaoke songs straightfrom the show. Aside from the songs beingarranged based on the TV series, it also letsyou sing ala diva through pitch correctionharmonies and reverb! So, who’s up for asolo?
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