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Sample Speaking Contract

  1. 1. O’Hanlon and O’Hanlon, inc. 223 N. Guadalupe #278 Santa Fe, NM 87501-1850 505.983.2843 p o ss i bi li ti es 505.983.2761 fax [Special Note: You’ll find everything you need (photos/objectives/outlines and so on) to organize the event at] Workshop Agreement Date(s): ____________________________________________________________________________ Time(s): ____________________________________________________________________________ Location: ____________________________________________________________________________ Topic(s): ____________________________________________________________________________ Sponsor: ____________________________________________________________________________ Fee: $XXXX for 1 day ($XXXX per day for each additional day) plus reimbursables (described below) Hotel Accommodations: To be provided at Sponsor’s expense, From: ________________________________ To: __________________________________ Audiovisual to be provided by sponsor Wireless lavaliere microphone w/ amplification, LCD projector, amplifier/mixer and speakers. This Workshop Agreement confirms your desire for Bill O’Hanlon to present the workshop topics described at the location, dates and times noted above. Bill will provide all handouts necessary for the workshop for you to copy for participants. This agreement supersedes any prior oral agreements and can only be altered by the written consent of both parties. Payment of Fee: You agree to pay the workshop presentation fee on the day of the workshop, with reimbursable expenses to be paid within 30 days of receipt of billing. Checks should be made payable to O’Hanlon and O’Hanlon, Inc. EIN #XXXXXX. Or Bank transfer information: Swift Code: XXXXX; Bank Routing number: XXXXXXX; Bank account number: XXXXXXX; Name on account: O'Hanlon and O'Hanlon, Inc; Bank Branch: XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX. In the event any payment is not made when due, a 1% penalty will be assessed plus 15% per annum interest from the initial due date until payment is received. [This is rarely necessary, but I find that some people need an organizational incentive to get their act together.] Reimbursables: In addition to the workshop fee, you agree to either pay directly or to reimburse Bill for the following: airfare (economy class), hotel accommodations, meals, local transportation and other incidental expenses incurred while traveling to or while at the workshop location. Bill prefers whenever possible to make his own airline reservations, and will book his flights unless you make a prior arrangement with Bill. Bill prefers that you reserve the hotel accommodations, and prefers that the billing for such accommodations be made directly to you.
  2. 2. Books, CDs and Videotapes: You agree to have Bill’s books, CDs and videotapes available for sale on the day of the workshop at the workshop site. We will provide you with a list of current books, CDs and videotapes applicable to the workshop attendees and the appropriate contact person at the publishers for you to obtain the materials. We expect books to be sold at the workshop, in part because Bill’s mission is to spread these ideas and in part, because if books are not sold at the workshop, participants routinely complain to Bill personally about not having him there, assuming that he has decided not to have them. Here are three options (check which one you choose) ❏ Your group/organization sells the books and orders directly from the various publishers ❏ Your group/organization sells books and buys them from Seminar Services (a one-stop shopping service that carries all of Bill’s books and tapes). ❏ Your group/organization arranges for a local bookstore to come to the workshop site and sell books. Cancellation Charges: If you cancel the workshop, you agree to pay a cancellation fee dependent on the date notice of the cancellation, to be paid within 30 days of any cancellation notice, as follows: Time Prior to Workshop Cancellation Fee 3 months or more None From 3 months to 1 month 1/3 of the Workshop Fee 2 weeks to 1 month 1/2 of the Workshop Fee Less than 2 weeks 3/4 of the Workshop Fee In addition, if you cancel the workshop, you will reimburse Bill for any non-refundable costs incurred by Bill up to the date of notice of cancellation, such as non-refundable airline tickets. Force Majeur. If any unforeseen and uncontrollable things get in the way of either party fulfilling this contract, such acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, terrorism, complete curtailment of transportation, or other emergencies, we both are let out of the contract. In such an event, prompt notice shall be given by the party canceling pursuant to this section. The party seeking cancellation or performance under this provision must exercise due diligence and take all reasonable steps to avoid, remove and overcome the effects of the force majeur event. Bill O'Hanlon for O’Hanlon and O’Hanlon, Inc.: Sponsor: Signature Signature Title Date Date Sponsor Address for publicity and correspondence: __________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. PREFERRED SETUP FOR WORKSHOP ROOM–BILL O’HANLON WORKSHOPS I had a group that sponsored me in France some time ago who told me after I did the workshop that when they had received this list, they thought they were going to get a very uptight obsessive-compulsive workshop leader. When you meet me, you will find that I’m anything but obsessive-compulsive. I do my best, however, to provide a quality training and to minimize unpleasant surprises for you, me and the participants. This list is provided in that spirit. 1 bar stool height chair 6' clearance between where I stand and the first row of participants’ chairs (I like to wander a lot in the front of the room). Use risers/podium if there are more than 100 participants so the people in the back of the room can see me. I do not use a lectern and will remove it if one is set up. I rarely stay rooted to one spot when I teach. Chairs set up theatre or classroom style, whichever you prefer. 1 large table in the rear of the room (for ads, books/brochures/etc.) LCD projector/screen. For PowerPoint presentation I will show and as a substitute for TV monitors for video. This projector needs a screen on which to project the image. Wireless lapel microphone. You need to make certain there is an input (XLR 3 prong)/amplifier/speakers for it. (Usually those are built into the room.) I bring my laptop computer to show PowerPoint slides as well as play music and videos. Its output is a mini- phone and I bring a short wire that goes from mini-phone to stereo RCA male jacks. You just need to make certain there is an input (stereo RCA)/mixer/amplifier/speakers for it and for the video (and video audio) out from the computer. (Usually speakers are built into the room.) The mixer needs to be placed near my computer. Your AV people will know what this all means. If someone is introducing me, I’d prefer that they not read my bio. My experience is that it bores both the audience and myself. I think it is more alive if the intro includes why the sponsor decided to sponsor the workshop, how they heard about me or some personal story about me. I’ve provi8ded a possible introduction below. Optional: I’m willing to go out to lunch or dinner with sponsors if I don’t need time alone, but please check with me about this before I arrive. I am a finicky eater and like Italian, Chinese, American foods best.
  4. 4. CHECKLIST FOR SPONSORS This list is provided to ensure we stay on track. I have found that these things, if they are not handled, can lead to problems. Rarely, but enough to be of concern. ❏ Visit Bill O’Hanlon’s public folder ( to get photos for brochure/marketing, as well as outlines and objectives ❏ Send Bill O’Hanlon signed contract Date sent: ___________________________________________________ ❏ Send/email Bill O'Hanlon name, address, phone # and confirmation # of hotel where he will be staying Date sent: ___________________________________________________ ❏ Email/send Bill O’Hanlon home number/ccllphone of contact person in case of last minute questions/problems (delayed flights, etc.) Date sent: ___________________________________________________ ❏ Get Bill O’Hanlon to email handouts for you to duplicate (usually about a month ahead, as he edits and changes his handouts regularly) Date received: ___________________________________________________ ❏ Order books/CDs/videos for sale at conference Date ordered: ___________________________________________________ ❏ Send Bill O’Hanlon 10 copies of final brochure/program Date sent: ___________________________________________________ ❏ Finalize AV with Bill; usually it’s best to have Bill speak directly with the AV person at the conference facility, as we usually have to speak an esoteric language of AV equipment that is not for the fainthearted or techno-peasant. You can have them call Bill or he will call them if you will provide the phone number and name. ❏ Coordinate Bill’s transportation from the airport to the hotel and then to the conference site from the hotel (if conference is in another location). He is happy to rent a car. He just needs directions. ❏ Have a check for the fee (and expenses if finalized) for Bill on the last day of the workshop (made out to O’Hanlon and O’Hanlon, please. EIN# #XXXXXX.
  5. 5. Bio for brochure: Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFT, has authored or co-authored 29 books, the latest being A Guide to Trance Land (W.W. Norton, 2009), Write is a Verb (Writer’s Digest Books, July 2007) Pathways to Spirituality (W.W. Norton), Change 101: A Practical Guide to Creating Change (W.W. Norton, Fall 2006), and Thriving Through Crisis (Penguin/Perigee; winner of the Books for a Better Life Award). He has published 54 articles or book chapters. His books have been translated into 15 languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, German, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Croatian, Arabic and Japanese. He has appeared on Oprah (with his book Do One Thing Different), The Today Show, and a variety of other television and radio programs. Since 1977, Bill has given over 2000 talks around the world. He has been a top-rated presenter at many national conferences and was awarded the Outstanding Mental Health Educator of the Year in 2001 by the New England Educational Institute. Bill is a Licensed Mental Health Professional, Certified Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Bill is clinical member of AAMFT (and winner of the 2003 New Mexico AMFT Distinguished Service Award), certified by the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and a Fellow and a Board Member of the American Psychotherapy Association. He is known for his storytelling, irreverent humor, clear and accessible style and his boundless enthusiasm for whatever he is doing. His seminars are as entertaining as they are educational. Bio to be read or adapted for workshop introduction: Bill O'Hanlon has written numerous books (it changes so often even his mother has stopped counting) and since 1977 has given over 2000 presentations in such diverse places as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and Boise, Idaho. He was featured on Oprah with his book, Do One Thing Different. He is one of the top-rated presenters in the field and was named Mental Health Educator of the Year by the New England Educational Institute in 2001. The reason we brought Bill here is ______________________________ [Tell the audience why you decided to sponsor Bill; a story of just what you heard that convinced you.] Please welcome Bill O'Hanlon.
  6. 6. HOW TO BUY BILL O’HANLON’S BOOKS/VIDEOTAPES/CDS Bill’s books are published by several different publishers. Video and CDs are handled by different publishers as well. We highly recommend you buy your books from Mark Tracten at Seminar Services. They offer one-stop shopping which is much easier than calling each of Bill publishers; it is worth it. Contact Mark at 866.272.8497 (toll free) or 203.778.1300; fax 203-778-9100; e-mail: 1. Books that sell particularly well are marked with a sunburst, and you might want to order a larger amount of these (up to 25-50% of your expected audience). 2. Books marked with diamonds are moderate sellers (order up to 10% of your expected audience). 3. Books marked with arrows can be ordered in smaller amounts or may be appropriate depending on the topic of the workshop. _________________________________________________________________________________________ BOOKS  Thriving Through Crisis: Turn Tragedy and Trauma Into Growth and Change by O’Hanlon [ISBN 0- 399-52946-2] ($22.95) / reissue in paper coming out March 2005 [ISBN 0-399-53073-8] ($13.95) Published 2004 by Penguin/Perigee, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014, 800.788.6262 or 212-366- 2612, fax 212-366-2679, website: _________________________________________________________________________________________  Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life by O’Hanlon (October 1999/November 2000) [ISBN 0-688-17794-8] (paper $13/hardcover $22) Published by Harper Collins (William Morrow), 1350 Ave. of the Americas, NY, NY 10019, 1.800.242.7737  Change 101: A Practical Guide to Creating Change in Life or Therapy by O’Hanlon [ISBN: 0-393- 70496-3] ($23.95/hardcover) (new - 2006)  Pathways to Spirituality Connection, Wholeness, and Possibility for Therapist and Client by O’Hanlon [ISBN: 0-393-70489-0] ($24.95/hardcover) (new - 2006)  A Guide to Inclusive Therapy by O’Hanlon [ISBN 0-393-70410-6]; Paper ($13.00)  Solution-Oriented Therapy for Chronic and Severe Mental Illness by Rowan & O’Hanlon [ISBN 0- 393-70423-8] (February 2003, reissued in paper) ($18.95) ♦ Even from a Broken Web: Brief, Respectful, Solution-Oriented Therapy for Sexual Abuse and Trauma by O’Hanlon & Bertolino [ISBN 0-393-70394-0] ($16.95)  Taproots: Milton Erickson’s Therapy and Hypnosis by O’Hanlon [ISBN 0-393-700-313] ($22.95) ♦ In Search of Solutions by O’Hanlon & Weiner-Davis [ISBN 0-393-70061-5] (18.85/paper $25/hardcover) ♦ Rewriting Love Stories: Brief Marital Therapy [In hardcover or paperback] by Hudson & O’Hanlon ($11.95/paper) [ISBN 0-393-31094-9] ♦ Stop Blaming Start Loving by O’Hanlon & Hudson [ISBN 0-393-31461-8] ($11/paper)  Solution-Oriented Hypnosis by O’Hanlon & Martin [ISBN 0-393-70149-2] ($25) ♦ A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy by Cade & O’Hanlon [ISBN 0-393-70143-3] ($25)  A Guide to Possibility Land: 51 Brief and Respectful Therapy Methods by O’Hanlon & Beadle [ISBN 0-393-70297-9] ($13) Published by W.W. Norton, Contact: Beverly Benzeleski, 800.233.4830 Ext 294; fax 800.458.6515 Attn: Beverly _________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7.  Collaborative, Competency-Based Counseling and Therapy by Bertolino and O’Hanlon [ISBN 0-205- 32605-6] ($27) Published 2001 by Allyn & Bacon, 800.278.3525 email:, fax 781.455.1294  Try and Make Me!: A Revolutionary Program for Raising Your Defiant Child without Losing Your Cool by Levy and O’Hanlon, with Goode [ISBN 1-5794-335-9] ($13.95 paperback) A new version has just been published at $6.99 (a mass market size) available from Penguin Putnam/Signet [ISBN 0-451-20645-2]. Published by Rodale, Special Sales, 800.527.8200; email: _________________________________________________________________________________________  Brief Couples Therapy Homework Planner by Schultheis, B. O’Hanlon & S. O’Hanlon (January 1999) [ISBN 0-471-29511-6] ($49.95)  Solution-Oriented Therapy for Chronic and Severe Mental Illness by Rowan & O’Hanlon [ISBN 0- 471-18362-8] (December 1998) ($47.50) Published by John Wiley and Sons, Contact: Stephanie Friedman, 212.850.6306, 800.225.5945, Fax 212.850.6142, _________________________________________________________________________________________  Invitation to Possibility-Land: An Intensive Teaching Seminar with Bill O’Hanlon by Bertolino & O’Hanlon [ISBN 0-87630-875-2] ($50.95)  Evolving Possibilities: Bill O’Hanlon’s Collected Papers Edited by S. O’Hanlon and Bertolino [ISBN 0- 87630-980-5] ($36.95) Published by Brunner-Routledge, an imprint of Taylor and Francis, 29 W. 35th St., NY, NY 10001, 212.216.7800, Fax 212.564.7854, _________________________________________________________________________________________ VIDEOS  I’m Not Leaving You, Just Going Out For Awhile: Solution-Oriented Couples Therapy with a Same Sex Couple ($75)  Solution-Oriented Hypnosis: A Two-volume set on one videotape ($85) Published by MastersWork in L.A. Contact: 800.476.1619, fax 310.446.0061, email: _________________________________________________________________________________________  Family Therapy with the Experts: Solution-Oriented Therapy [#0-205-332102-1] ($89.95) Published by Allyn & Bacon Contact: Contact: 800.278.3525, fax 515.284.2607, Audios products/CDs The publisher, Crown House Publishing is offering a special 15% discount when ordering two or more of the CDs listed below. Click on the links to bring you to the Crown House website and when proceeding through the Check Out screens, insert the following KEY CODE OHLN on the payment form screen. This will automatically earn you a 15% discount. Beside Yourself with Comfort: R&Title=Personal+Growth Calm Beneath the Waves:
  8. 8. R&Title=Personal+Growth Keep Your Feet Moving: R&Title=Personal+Growth Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot R&Title=Personal+Growth Meetings with a Remarkable Man; R&Title=Personal+Growth Moving On: R&Title=Personal+Growth