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Onlinenewsletters J Austin


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Published in: Business, Education
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Onlinenewsletters J Austin

  1. 1. Online Newsletters: The Foundation of a Sustainable Practice Juliet Austin, MA, Marketing Coach & Copywriter Why Have an Online Newsletter?  can be a foundational method of building your practice -- your database of subscribers are like “gold” to your business  people don’t always make a decision on the first visit to a website  key to building a relationship with prospective clients  allows you to continually add potential clients to your database increasing the pool of people who know about your services  reminds people about your services on a regular basis  it costs less to market to people who already know, like and trust you Overcoming Resistances to Writing  yes, writing takes time, but all marketing takes time  the newsletter doesn’t have to be lengthy; quality is more important  you can get help with writing or editing  writing is a skill that you will always need in your business Newsletter Should Be Permission-Based  you should only send your newsletter to people who have asked for it  it is illegal to send unwanted email to people in the US  although it is not illegal in some countries (including Canada), it is still considered bad etiquette to send to people who have not asked for it  your newsletter should have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you send (this is automated when using an ezine delivery system) Coming Up With Ideas to Write About  brainstorm all the problems and desires that your clients have had  jot down ideas from client sessions  use Google, and article directories (e.g. to generate ideas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ © 2009 Juliet Austin Marketing Coach and Copywriter
  2. 2. Structure and Format  text Based vs html (with color and graphics) – text based usually has higher delivery rates, but people increasingly are publishing more in html  have an attention-grabbing subject line  can have a introductory personal note, or not  feature article – main component  promotional item /call to action with links leading back to your website  other items that you could include: book review, tips, news items, etc How Often to Publish  minimum once per month, although can often get better results by publishing weekly  consistency in publishing is important - block out time to write How To Get Subscribers  offer a freebie as a bonus for subscribing (e.g. report, CD, etc)  invite the people who already know, like and trust you to subscribe– clients, former clients, referral sources, etc  write quality content  promote it on your business card, during public talks, at networking meetings, etc  encourage subscribers to pass it on Repurpose and Republish Your Newsletter Articles  submit your newsletters to article directories  submit to other websites on the web that are looking for articles  re-publish your articles in print newsletters/publications Newsletter Delivery Systems  Constant Contact – (monthly fee)  Aweber – (monthly fee)  Vertical Response - (pay per email sent)  Ezezine - – free to start, but very basic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ © 2009 Juliet Austin Marketing Coach and Copywriter