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  • Among the house’s most important milestones was the release of Dom Pérignon Rosé 1971, which Geoffroy says set a new standard for that style of wine. “Rosé had been in existence since the 19th century,” he notes, “but that vintage placed rosé at the peak of the pyramid. Some serious winemakers said they never did and never would make rosé; now many of them have followed [our lead].” Currently, Dom Pérignon is accepting preorders for a limited edition of the 2003 Rosé, Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon (pictured), to be released in September. It is encased in a sculpture by the American artist Jeff Koons. - See more at:
  • Dom Perignon // Brand Case Study

    1. 1. brand Heritage
    2. 2. brand Heritage
    3. 3. Production • The key to this world famous wine was the second fermentation. • The grapes are harvested and mixed with different wines. • Yeast is added and then the bottle is capped. • The yeast eats the sugar and as this happens carbon dioxide is produced that is trapped in the bottles. This is how champagne becomes ―bubbly‖
    4. 4. Production • The bottle then rest for one year. • Then the yeast is removed by placing the bottles in an A-framed machine. This turns the bottles so the yeast comes to the neck. • Its then frozen and all that is left is champagne. • The freezing allows only the yeast to shoot out in one piece because of the carbon dioxide pressure. • It is then topped off with a reserved wine and sugar mixture. This determines its dryness v sweetness.
    5. 5. Dom Pierre Perignon, spiritual father of champagne, devoted his life to an unwavering quest, to go beyond the known and experiment. Today, Dom continues this legacy, where each vintage marks a new beginning. Creators have an inspired vision, imagination and passion, the audacity to drive an unexpected act of creation, to transcend their field and to create a timeless legacy.
    6. 6. The Dom Perignon manifesto proclaims the principles that govern the concept and making if its exceptional wines, a singular vision of the creation of wine.
    7. 7. Touch-Points of the Perignon Manifesto Dom Perignon is Always a Vintage Wine - Our commitment to vintages is absolute. Dom Perignon is reinvented with every vintage, daring to take risks. That is the cost of revealing the wine's extra "soul", even if it means not declaring a vintage. Dom Perignon is Always an Assemblage - The assemblage is the foundation of the Dom Perignon style. Its principles have always taken precedence over winemaking techniques. Dom Perignon is striving for an ideal. There can only be one Blanc assemblage and one Rose' assemblage for each vintage. Dom Perignon is one and indivisible. We Require the Best Grapes of Champagne - No matter where they come from. The core of the blend is eight historical Grands Crus- Ay, Bouzy, Verzenay, Mailly, Chauilly, Cramant, Avize, Le Mesnil- Plus the legendary Hautviller Premier Cru. But Dom also has the unique privilege of being able to select grapes from all 17 Grands Crus of Champagne.
    8. 8. Manifesto Touch-Points We are Fully Committed to Respecting the Terroirs and the Seasons - Our goal is to enhance the terroirs and the character of the vintage without betraying them. We are committed to protecting the grapes' original fruitiness, Our winemaking philosophy can only be minimalist. Oxidation is our sworn enemy. Intensity must be Based on Precision - The wine's intensity is not based on its power, but on its precision and relevance. This is a high-definition wine that requires just the right touch, not brute force. The Truth of Dom Perignon is Revealed on the Palate - The mouth feel of the wine is seamless: rich, fresh yet mature, ethereal with a silky, caressing texture. Dom P. has an unrivaled way of holding a note that is extremely sensual.
    9. 9. Manifesto Touch-Points Dom Perignon’s Complexity is Based on a Commitment to Slow Aging - Dom Perignon’s Blanc and Rose' are both widely recognized for their impressive aging potential and complexity. Dom Perignon expresses its first plentitude after either years in the cellar. Dom Perignon’s Mineral character is a Unique Aromatic Signature - Its somber, gray quality comes out in briny, toasted, smoky, and peaty facets, calling to mind both the sea and the earth. The Dom Perignon Style is Deeply Distinctive - Paradox is a recurring feature of Dom Perignon The style is tense, rhythmic, vibrant, vigorous, precise, tactile, seamless, fresh yet mature, intense, complex, sensual. Dom Perignon is so inviting yet so mysterious…
    10. 10. Brand Architecture • Pluralistic Brand Architecture- characterized by a series of well known consumer brands. The name of the parent may be either invisible, or inconsequential to the consumer and known only to the investment community. Many parent companies develop a system for corporate endorsement that is tertiary.
    11. 11. Brand Ideals • Vision –The foundation and the inspiration for the best brands. • Meaning - The best brands stand for something–a big idea, a strategic position, a defined set of values, a voice that stands apart. • Authenticity – An organization must have clarity about its market, positioning, value proposition, and competitive difference. • Differentiation – Brands compete with all brands that want our attention, loyalty, and our money. • Durability - Ability to have longevity in a world in constant flux, characterized by future permutations that no one can predict. • Coherence - Whenever a customer experiences a brand, it must feel familiar and have the desired effect. Consistency does not need to be rigid or limiting in order to feel like one company. • Flexibility - An effective brand identity positions a company for change and growth in the future. It supports an evolving marketing strategy. • Commitment - Organizations need to actively manage their assets, including the brand name, the trademarks, the integrated sales and marketing systems, and the standards. • Value - Building awareness, increasing recognition, communicating uniqueness and quality, and expressing a competitive difference create measurable results.
    12. 12. Brand Ideals: Vision, Meaning, Commitment, and Value • ―In the genes of the brand is the man, and it’s about pushing the boundaries. At [the house], there is a tension between the past and the future. Tradition is about pursuing an ideal—an ideal in aesthetics. The ambition—the vision—is our tradition. But at the same time, there is an element of progress, of moving forward when it comes to the technicalities of viticulture.‖ • "The grapes are never the same from one year to the next. If a harvest does not meet Dom Pérignon's unyielding standards, there will be no vintage champagne that year. This isn't a value judgment - it's an aesthetic vision,‖ - Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy
    13. 13. Brand Ideals: Flexibility, Differentiation, Coherence, Durability, Value • Collaborative Efforts with artist, Jeff Koons • Collaborations with contemporary artists can reposition a brand’s image to appeal to younger consumers while the limited availability of the product line will still draw brand loyalists • With only 650 created, the Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon bottle case can be purchased for $20,000 • ―The collaboration was two years in the making and will definitely serve to make Dom Pérignon even more exclusive than it has been perceived to date.‖
    14. 14. Brand extensions LVMH ➵ Revenue for its wines and spirits division was up 2.6% at EUR1.03 billion in the three months ended September. Moet & Chandon
    15. 15. The Dom Perignon Bar Located in the Bulgari Hotel Milan garden the Dom Perignon Lounge Bar nestled behind a tall stand of red beeches that opens to reveal a chic and inviting lounge, perfect for private parties.
    16. 16. The Dom Perignon Bar ➵ Located in India’s Ashok Hotel, the Dom Perignon Lounge is sleek black and silver with a blast of colour is provided by Dom Perignon's kitschy 'Tribute to Andy Warhol' collection.
    17. 17. The Black Box Dom Perignon ➵ Design star Marc Newson ➵ Luxurious case to hold a bottle of Dom Pérignon ➵ Inspired by the designer’s nomadic lifestyle ➵ The travel case combines technical prowess and avant-garde design. ➵ Carried with a stylish strap handle, the Black Box is made of polycarbonate to insulate the bottle and keep it at the ideal temperature. ➵ The look is emblematic of the "cool luxury lifestyle" espoused by Marc
    18. 18. Dom Perignon X Jeff Koons ➵Dom Pérignon created an Instagram page to promote their collaborative project with artist Jeff Koons as a way to reinvent itself and appeal to younger consumers. ➵The limited-edition Balloon Venus bottle and gift box was unveiled at a brand event during New York Fashion Week after a two-year collaboration.
    19. 19. Ad campaigns & competitors
    20. 20. Eva Herzigova for Dom Perignon By Karl Largerfeld
    21. 21. Claudia schiffer for Dom Perignon By Karl Largerfeld
    22. 22. Andy Warhol for Dom Perignon
    23. 23. Bollinger ad
    24. 24. Krug ad
    25. 25. Moet & Chandon ad
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