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Superhero action figures


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This was made in response to all the parents who are unhappy with gender bias toys. Merchandising does not reflect reality. I have illustrated a familiar story and given possibilities kids deserve.

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Superhero action figures

  1. 1. Superhero Action Figures GENDER BIAS SHOPPING ©Cassandra Goduti
  2. 2. Toys for Movie The Deal 60 Action Figures Based on information collected from Amazon on June 26, 2013 1 Catwoman 3 Batman 2 Bane 2 Ra’s Al Ghul 2 Harvey Dent 1 Blake 11 Mixed male figures/or with vehicles 2 Scarecrow 1 Bruce to Ninja 3 Joker 1 Alfred Pennyworth ©Cassandra Goduti
  3. 3. Typical Toy Aisle This aisle is full of male super heroes with women not present in any way shape or form in certain sections. ©Cassandra Goduti
  4. 4. Superman This is the cardboard stand at the Grocery Store for the latest Superman. ©Cassandra Goduti
  5. 5. Women Firefighters There are ©Cassandra Goduti
  6. 6. Women Helicopter Pilots There are ©Cassandra Goduti
  7. 7. Women Police Officers There are ©Cassandra Goduti
  8. 8. Real Children at Play p=893 Girls do not always feel the need to play with dolls. See this girl is playing cars with two boys. ©Cassandra Goduti
  9. 9. Using DC Comics (c) DC Comics©Cassandra Goduti
  10. 10. Here is an example story… (C) DC Comics©Cassandra Goduti
  11. 11. The Good Guys (C) DC Comics©Cassandra Goduti
  12. 12. Heroes ©Cassandra Goduti
  13. 13. The underbelly of Gotham (C) DC Comics©Cassandra Goduti
  14. 14. Villains ©Cassandra Goduti
  15. 15. Real Women assume the role of Super Hero in real life every day. Therefore, women should reflect a greater role in the Action Figure Aisle of the Toy Store as well. ©Cassandra Goduti