Who's Who In Sports Medicine


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Who's Who In Sports Medicine

  1. 1. Who’s Who in Sports Medicine History Casey Christy, MA, ATC, CSCS
  2. 2. Henry Gray  Authored Gray’s Anatomy Text  He published the first edition at the age of 31 in 1858  Still widely regarded as most comprehensive Anatomy text  Died of smallpox at the young age of 34  Lived most of his life in London
  3. 3. Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin  Pioneering French surgeon (and gynecologist!)  The Lisfranc joint and Lisfranc injury are named after him.  First described the Lisfranc Injury in 1815 after the War of the Sixth Coalition.  Lived from 1790-1847
  4. 4. James Robinson  Recognized as first athletic trainer in United States  Had veterinary background – born in England  First worked at Harvard in 1881, later Princeton & Yale  Known to rush onto field with water bucket & sponge to “freshen up” tired player  1885-86 Princeton annual salary was $750, half paid by alumni
  5. 5. Samuel Bilik  Wrote first “Athletic Training” book in 1917, sold for $.75  Book later titled the “Trainers Bible”  Russia-born, worked as Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Illinois  Later became a doctor  Help form & fund the EATA
  6. 6. Cramer Brothers  Chuck and Frank Cramer founded Cramer Products in 1918  Began selling homemade “athletic liniment” made in mom’s kitchen to coaches  Supported first NATA meeting in 1950
  7. 7. John Lachman  Graduated from Temple University and Temple School of Medicine  Discovered ACL integrity was more easily determined with the knee closer to extension than in the position used in the classic anterior drawer test
  8. 8. Stanley Hoppenfeld  A pioneer in the field of spine surgery  Founding Director of Scoliosis Associates in New York.  Authored the classic text Physical Examination of the Spine and the Extremities
  9. 9. Daniel Arnheim  Authored classic text Principles of Athletic Training used by probably anyone who is in the field of athletic training
  10. 10. Gabe Mirkin  First to coin the phrase “RICE,” rest, ice, compression, elevation for the acute care of athletic injuries in The Sports Medicine Book written in 1978.  Harvard University Graduate  Board-certified in 4 specialties: sportsmedicine, allergy and immunology, pediatrics and pediatric immunology
  11. 11. Joe Torg  Graduated from Temple University School of Medicine  Ground-breaking research on cervical spine axial loading during head down tackle lead to football rule change in 1976 outlawing spearing  His research lead to a significant decrease in football related catastrophic cervical spine injuries
  12. 12. “Pinky” Newell  “The Father of Modern Athletic Training”  Founding member of NATA  Served as NATA executive secretary from 1955-1968  Served as athletic trainer at Purdue University  EATA has annual “Pinky Newell Address”  1920-1984
  13. 13. Gail Weldon  First female inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame (posthumously 1995)  First female athletic trainer hired by US Olympic committee  First female chief athletic trainer for US Olympic Team 1980  2nd woman to join NATA; one of first 10 women ever certified  1951-1991
  14. 14. Bobby Gunn  First elected president in NATA history 1970  Head athletic trainer at Lamar University before working with the Washington Redskins and Houston Oilers
  15. 15. Marsha Grant-Ford  First certified female African-American  Rowan University Athletic Training Program Director 1996-2001  Instrumental in Rowan’s CAAHEP accreditation 2001  Widely published in publications such as Athletic Therapy Today, Journal of Athletic Training and the American Journal of Sportsmedicine
  16. 16. Chuck Whedon  Head Athletic Trainer Glassboro State College/Rowan University 1986-2011  Inspired, instructed and mentored numerous athletic training students  Served in several positions for the Athletic Trainers’ Society of NJ including president and governmental relations committee chair  Instrumental in passage of NJ Athletic Training Licensure Act and subsequent revision removing site restriction and allowing athletic trainers to work in any setting in NJ  Volunteer AT for United States Olympic Committee
  17. 17. Otho Davis  Served as NATA executive director from 1971 to 1989  Served as Philadelphia Eagles athletic trainer from 1973-1995  Named to All Madden Team as athletic trainer in 1999  First athletic trainer to be nominated to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009  NATA headquarters named in his honor  1934-2000
  18. 18. Richard Malacrea  A founding member of the ATSNJ 1975  Spent 20 years as head athletic trainer at Princeton University  Appointed by the governor to the chair the Legislative Committee of Advisors to the Board of Medical Examiners  Instrumental in ATSNJ, scholarship named in his honor  Inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame 1992
  19. 19. Eve Becker-Doyle  First female NATA executive director 1992  Wrote Leadership Isn’t Rocket Science: 6 Ways To Boost Your Leadership IQ
  20. 20. Other Female Firsts  Dorothy “Dot” Cohen, a graduate student, become the first woman to join the NATA in 1966  Sherry Bagagian is the first woman to sit for the NATA certification exam in 1972  Janice Daniels is the first woman elected to the NATA Board in 1984  Julie Max is the first woman elected as NATA president in 2000 Julie Max
  21. 21. Sue Falsone  First female head athletic trainer in Major League Baseball (LA Dodgers 2012)  First female head athletic trainer in any of the four major professional sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey)  She received her bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Daemen College In Amherst, NY, and her Master’s from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She also is a certified athletic trainer and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.
  22. 22. Matt Webber  Athletic Training historian who has brought AT history to life via his book Dropping the Bucket and Sponge  High School Athletic Trainer for over 30 years  Served as president of the Arizona Athletic Trainers’ Association and helped implement state AT licensure laws  Served on the NATA Board of Directors; NATA Hall of Fame member www.athletictraininghistory.com