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Victory Marketing Agency Intro Presentation


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Experiential Marketing and Event Staffing Superheroes
Event Staffing | Mobile Tours | College Marketing | Trade Show Marketing

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Victory Marketing Agency Intro Presentation

  1. 1. All  ideas,  concepts  and  recommenda1ons  presented  herein  are  the  intellectual  property  of  Victory  Marke1ng  Agency,  LLC.,  headquartered  in  Fort  Myers,  FL  and  may  not  be  copied,  implemented  or   represented  without  the  express  permission  of  Victory  Marke1ng  Agency,  LLC.    By  accep1ng  this    document  you  agree  to  the  terms  outlined  herein.   Copyright  ©  2014  by  victory  marke1ng  agency.   Presented By: Casey Ayars Director of Marketing casey@victory-­‐     (239) 332-7392
  2. 2. (239) 332-7392 I I 20,000+ trained staff across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico 1,000 brands represented in the last 5 years 25,000 events staffed and managed since 2008 True 24/7 support SERVICE IS OUR SUPER POWER
  3. 3. TEAM VICTORY AT WORK (239) 332-7392 I I
  4. 4. Project Details The Brand 5 Hours Energy Dates 15 May 2013 - Current     Number of Activations 147     Number of Cities 54     Number of Staff 700+     Category National Tours, Event Staffing, Coordination, Tech Savvy Staff       Description : 5-­‐Hour  Energy  decided  to  move  all  of  their  staffing  out  of  the   employee  rela1onship  and  into  an  IC  rela1onship.     With  more  than  700  staff  in  the  field  at  fairs,  fes1vals,  auto   races,  and  college  campuses,  our  goal  was  to  make  their   transi1on  as  seamless  as  possible.     5-­‐Hour  opted  for  Victory  to  recruit,  train  and  manage  all   Ambassadors  with  the  assistance  of  their  Regional  Marke1ng   Managers.   (239) 332-7392 I I
  5. 5. Project Details The Brand TLC’s Honey Boo Boo Premiums 45,000 Honey Boo Boo Glasses distributed in only 5 hours   Number of Staff 45 Guerrilla Marketers and 2 Managers   Category Guerrilla  Marke+ng,  Market   Managers,  Coordina+on,   Logis+cs       100% Guerrilla Marketing Description : TLC was looking to maximize impressions at a minimum cost to promote the upcoming season of Honey Boo Boo.   Victory’s team of 50+ Guerrilla Marketers canvassed the streets of Times Square on New Years eve and distributed 45,000“Happy Boo Year”year glasses in only 5 hours.   TLC and Honey Boo Boo received national attention on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Howard Stern Show, Fox News and a slew of other national media outlets. (239) 332-7392 I I
  6. 6. AWARDS WE HAVE WON Best of Staffing 2010. 2011, 2012, 2013 – § For (4) consecutive years Victory has won the CareerBuilder“Best of Staffing”Award – boo yah! § This award is only given to the Top 1% of all Staffing Firms in the US § In 2011, 2012, and 2013 Victory was the ONLY event staffing agency on the list and it was voted on by none other than our staff and our clients (239) 332-7392 I I Inc Magazine Fastest Growing Companies in 2012 –
  7. 7. Description : The Key to Victory is having the right people in place to execute your plan. Whether you need one model or fifty brand ambassadors, we are prepared to match your program with the perfect talent.  Our talent database consists of more than 20,000 screened and trained staff nationwide. Each team member is trained and briefed before working your event.  Just give us the details of your event and we’ll get candidates right over to you Staffing Service Brand Ambassadors | Promo Models | Tour Staff | Emcees | Trade Show Staff | Tour /Market Managers| Product Samplers/Demonstrators | Street Teams | Guerrilla Marketing Staff | GoGo Dancers | Photographers/ Videographers | Nightclub/Bar Promotions (239) 332-7392 I I
  8. 8. BRANDS WE'VE REPRESENTED “Victory has the best staff, period.” – Jereme, M. Discovery Communications   “Victory Marketing is able to provide excellent customer service and is extremely accommodating to the needs of our business. I’m able to do my job more effectively because of the assistance Victory Marketing is able to provide to my company.” – Darren R., Comcast They are a model vendor…I don’t (at- present) have any issues that need rectifying…I’ve worked with Vinny’s team for quite some time.  I’ve also worked with many, many other groups, and they are head-shoulders above in my estimation.” – Jeff S., 5 Hour Energy “Victory staffed a massive 3-day/120 staff event for us in NYC and every single person they provided was professional and amazing. They are our go-to agency nationally. Highly recommend.” – Jordan R., 360MEG
  9. 9. THANK YOU ! LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU Contact us: Casey Ayars Director of Marketing (o) 239-332-7392 (c) 302-293-8218 After Hours 24 Hour Support Line: (239) 240-5462