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100+ Growth Hacks & What Is Growth Hacking?


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I was very excited and honored to present a 3-hour workshop at the Viterbi Hacker House at USC, which is where I went to college, around growth hacking and marketing for startups. Always fun connecting with students and being able to give back to my school.

We answered:
Is growth that important?
What is growth hacking?
How do I get started with marketing and growth hacking?
How do I prioritize everything?
What is product/market fit?
What is the customer lifecycle?
Why do growth hacks fall into either acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, or referral buckets?
What are growth hacking and marketing examples from work?
What are 100+ examples of growth hacks at each stage?
How can they implement some of these today? Including onstage breakdowns of USC companies, including and

I know I’ll forget some tools, people, and resources, but....

Tools I mentioned you should check out:
Google Analytics

People I mentioned who you should follow (in no particular order):
Patrick Vlaskovits
Neil Patel
Hiten Shah
Sean Ellis
Samuel Hulick
Morgan Brown
Taylor Miles
Paul Graham
Dave McClure
Geoff Ralston
Marc Andreesen
Bing Gordon
Gabriel Weinberg
Justin Mares
Brian Balfourr
Zack Onisko
Greg Isenberg
Maud Pasturaud
Annie Cushing
Thomas Knoll
Ivan Kirigin
Noah Kagan
Andy Johns
Elliot Shmukler
Iris Shoor
Brian Dean
Jimmy Daly
Ramit Sethi
Brendon Burchard
Jeff Walker
Robert Cialdini

Resources I mentioned:

(definitely forgetting many, but a good start....)

Startup = Growth:
Startup Priorities:
Blake Masters’ Notes:
Andy Johns’ Answers on Quora:
Find A Growth Hacker For Your Startup:
The Only Thing That Matters:
Developer Content Marketing & Growth Hacking:
Gaining Early Traction by Doing Things that Don't Scale:
Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence:
Startup Metrics for Pirates:
Traction vs. Growth:
AirBNB Growth:
Getting Launch Press for Your Startup:
Mobile Popups:
TripAdvisor’s Unfair Email Marketing Advantage:
How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week:
The Medium Is The Message:
Daily Growth Strategies:
User Onboarding:

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