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Sales Call Mastery GPS™


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From Social Selling to Selling Sociably™:
How to Combine LinkedIn + Traditional Sales to Rock Out Your 5 Figure Results
Casey Carpenter, The Sales Breakthrough Coach

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Sales Call Mastery GPS™

  1. 1. + Sales Call Mastery GPS™ From Social Selling to Selling Sociably™: How to Combine LinkedIn + Traditional Sales to Rock Out Your 5 Figure Results Casey Carpenter, The Sales Breakthrough Coach
  2. 2. + Bridging Social and Traditional Sales
  3. 3. + Through this Presentation, You’ll Discover How To:  Gather information and offer insights  Convert your connections to phone calls  Position yourself as an expert  Develop your own Sales Call Preparation Roadmap™  Position your business for 5 figures through a 5-Figure Sales Success Roadmap™
  4. 4. + “Social selling opens the door; your sales skills close the deal.” - Liz Wendling, sales expert
  5. 5. + Laser Focus on Qualifying Stage in Sales Call
  6. 6. 1 Roll Out 2 Engage 3 Survey 4 UnleashCapability 5 Listen 6 TenderSolutions 7 Secure the Decision R E S U L T S ™ The 7 Essential Steps of a Sales Call™ 12
  7. 7. + Today’s Selling Landscape  It’s time to take social selling seriously  “The sales professionals who use social selling are 51% more likely to exceed their quota.” -Mike Derezin, LinkedIn VP  “Salespeople are five times more likely to get a call returned if they have a personal connection.” – Jill Konrath, author
  8. 8. + When To Engage?  Even with a personal connection, should we:  Jump on the phone?  Fire off an email?
  9. 9. + It’s a Good Idea to Date Before You Get Married
  10. 10. Caution: Social Selling is Not a Substitute for Good Sales Skills + • Certain selling skills never go out of style  Which skills do you think you still need to use?
  11. 11. + Essential Sales Skills – Things You “Gotta Do”  Identify the right people  Engage them on their terms  Deliver the right message  State your value  Build trust  Communicate effectively  Demonstrate social graces (listening more than talking, not interrupting, etc.)
  12. 12. + Your Customers’ Perspective  Today’s customers are demanding  Look for a reason to disengage, rather than engage  Research in advance (50-75%)  90% of professionals look you up on LinkedIn after your first conversation  Don’t have time for you to interview them  Want to work with experts
  13. 13. + How to Become an Expert  Social Selling + Traditional approaches  Be competent and proficient  Know your business/product  Describe and bring value  Connect the dots so customer sees your value  Present value from their perspective, not yours
  14. 14. + Ready to Connect Yet?... Or Are You Still Dating? • Read their blogs • Researched their site • Researched your contact
  15. 15. + 5 Keys to Effective Connecting How to Approach, Open Dialogue and Engage without Sounding Salesy or Pushy
  16. 16. + Connection Key #1 Get Your House in Order  Shore up your foundation!  Profile, website, other pages  50-75% of buyers research you/your company before meeting you  Are they being positively or negatively influenced?
  17. 17. + Connection Key #2 Be Sociable!  The first word in “Social Selling is ______ …!”  Start the conversation  How would you greet a friend if you saw him/her at Starbucks?  Effective communication habits  Value platform
  18. 18. + Connection Key #3 Build Value  What are your principles?  How do you demonstrate them?  How are they visible/tangible to your customer?  Who is the person/company/business?  What is important to him/her/business?  Build social credibility  People still do business with those they know, like, and trust
  19. 19. + Connection Key #3 Build Value  Opening statement:  Detail why you connected  Reflect what’s important to them  Script your message  No winging it!!
  20. 20. + Connection Key #4 Ask Meaningful Questions  Customize questions to establish credibility  Questions pull; talking pushes  Most sales professionals do not ask enough questions  Surveys show 86% of salespeople talk too much  Be an elephant – two ears and one mouth!  Spend the majority of your Pre-Call Planning Roadmap™ time on questions
  21. 21. + Connection Key #4 Ask Meaningful Questions ACTION™. These questions motivate prospects to take ACTION! Remember: Questions Pull. Talking Pushes. Types of questions:  Atmosphere (what’s going on?)  Consequence (if X happens, what happens to Y?)  Timing (what events could impact timing?)  Inspiration (where they would like to be)  Opinion (how they feel about important issues)  Next Steps (what comes next?)  Also include questions that explore their current Problems, Dissatisfactions and Issues.
  22. 22. + Connection Key #5 Plant Seeds  Understand that this is a process  Be patient  Don’t put your virtual foot in your LinkedIn mouth  Destroys trust  Gets your connection deleted!
  23. 23. + True or False?  1. “Visit” instead of leading a business meeting?  2. Ask involved questions about finances or feelings at the beginning?  3. Fire hose your prospect with features and benefits?  4. Talk @them?  5. Use formulas such as “feel, felt, found?”
  24. 24. + True or False  6. Use outdated scripts or methods?  7. Tell them how great you are?  8. Apologize for taking their time?  9. Show how smart you are?  10. Use closing techniques? *For correct answers, call me at 973-233-0624
  25. 25. + What Would You Do?  1. You have found a LinkedIn prospect you want to contact. Do you:  a. Hit the “message” button and send your bio and photo?  b. Send a text message from your phone?  c. Try to discern how they prefer to communicate and reach out according to their communication style?
  26. 26. + What Would You Do?  2. Your prospect’s phone number is on his profile, so you call him. To your surprise, he answers his phone! What do you do?  a. Get his mailing address so you can send a proposal offering your premium services?  b. Start pitching your “101 Surefire Closing Techniques” like nobody’s business?  c. Further build rapport using your knowledge, expertise and customized questions? *For best answers, call me at 973-233-0624
  27. 27. + Deploy Your Value Statement  Objective: engage them by mentioning a potential problem you can solve in your Value Statement:  “I read in _____ magazine that your company is growing by 40%. I thought you might be interested with the work we did with XYZ when they underwent a similar growth spurt. We helped them stay productive and bring in $20,000 over budget. Would you like to set up a meeting to discuss this further?”  Pique their curiosity enough to set a meeting  Do not sell over the phone
  28. 28. + Value Statement Tip  If you are unable to research the specific company/organization for your opening value statement, a general, but accurate industry statement will do.  They will tweak your sentence if the information is not 100 percent true for them.
  29. 29. + Sales Call Preparation Roadmap™  Show you understand what’s important to them  Homework, Pre-Call Planning Roadmap™. No winging it!  Provide value  Show how your product solves their issues  Research industry trends  Point out current and upcoming problems  Identify business risks your product/service mitigates  Economic indicators  Growth  Occupation
  30. 30. + Sales Call Preparation Roadmap™  Use Action Words™ to get attention fast  Create sound bites using Action Words™ to demonstrate your value Increase/Improve Decrease Revenue Costs Efficiency Retention Issues (cust.) Competitive Differentiation Turnover Market Share Delays in Time to Market
  31. 31. + Sales Call Preparation Roadmap™  Look for Signposts™ – significant change brought on by trigger events  What can you add? Trigger Events Acquisitions Legislation Big account gained/lost Mergers Competition New management team Downsizings New management philosophy Earnings relative to goals Political landscape Economy Regulations
  32. 32. + Sales Call Preparation Roadmap™  1. Plan your strategy  How consistently will you use it?  Who are you targeting?  How will you connect with them?  2. Execute  Be consistent  3. Measure & track  What systems do you use?  CRM systems, Excel spreadsheets, calendars, etc.
  33. 33. + Taking it Further  From interesting information to lasting transformation  Training  Tools  Support  How YOU can create your own 5 Figure Sales Success Roadmap™
  34. 34. + Invitation Some of you are going to want to work with me to develop your own 5 Figure Sales Roadmaps™ For you if you:  Love what you do but hate the sales part  Mix up your words, sweat and lose confidence when you sell (yet you’re brilliant!)  Feel as if you’re intruding on people when you sell to them  Are more comfortable being of service than putting money in your pocket Not for you if you:  Are not ready to co-create change  Are completely satisfied with your sales results
  35. 35. + Sales & Business Accelerator  1:1 coaching  Three intensive 60-minute conference calls  Customized and tailored around your specific business needs  Includes development of your own 5-Figure Sales Success Roadmap™
  36. 36. + What Others Have Said: Debbie S. Bittke, President, Dental Practice Solutions “…It felt like Casey had the right answers whenever a challenge came up. Her demeanor is so sensitive, and yet she gets you to see what you need to see. I feel so much more confident… …In three months I will have two clients worth $60,000 and when my new contract signs on, it will be worth $47,000. I can’t say enough about Casey. “
  37. 37. + Barbara Hemphill, CEO & Founder, The Productive Environment Institute “I have owned my own business for 35 years and have never studied the art of selling. In just three months I have gained confidence to turn away prospects that don’t fit the business I want. In addition, Casey taught me the art of asking powerful questions. These improved skills just helped me close a $40,000 sale.”
  38. 38. + CONCLUSION  This presentation was designed to overview my sales process using social and traditional selling techniques.  I work with corporations and individuals and provide a menu of customized coaching and training services.  If you’d like to contact me:  Call 973-233-0624  E-mail  Connect on LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn/in/caseycarpenter1  Visit and download my free report, “3 Critical Sales Call Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making and How to Fix Them.”  Thank you!