09 Fluid Social Media Restaurant Seminar


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Social Media Presentation on how Restaurants can use social media to drive traffic, increase awareness about their restaurant or unique offerings within their local community, and communicate with their customers and following. Web 2.0 is about listening and interacting with customers in real time. This presentation will help you get started as a restaurant owner or manager and discover best practices for implementing and monetizing social media marketing for your restaurant or food establishment.

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09 Fluid Social Media Restaurant Seminar

  1. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  2. cONTacT Me philip case 801.362.9991 philc@fluid-studio.net www.fluid-studio.net twitter @casephilip www.linkedin.com/in/philcase www.facebook.com/casephilip ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  3. There is NO silver bulleT ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  4. We all have a circle Of iNflueNce. peOple are iNflueNced by ThOse They TrusT. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  5. Circle of Concern What you care about. What you can do something about. Circle of Influence ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  6. peOple dO NOT WaNT TO be sOld TO. They WaNT TO iNTeracT aNd be heard. ©Fluid Studio, 2009 * Enquiro: “Business to Business Survey 2007.”
  7. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  8. yOu caNNOT cONTrOl The cONversaTiON, buT yOu caN parTicipaTe iN iT. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  9. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  10. 4 p’s ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  11. 4 p’s prOducT ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  12. 4 p’s prOducT, price ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  13. 4 p’s prOducT, price place ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  14. 4 p’s prOducT, price place, prOMOTiON ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  15. 3 r’s ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  16. 3 r’s relevaNT ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  17. 3 r’s relevaNT, real ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  18. 3 r’s relevaNT, real respONsive ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  19. 4 r’s relevaNT, real respONsive ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  20. 4 r’s relevaNT, real respONsive, relaTiONship ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  21. alThOugh sOcial Media is “ONe-TO-MaNy” brOadcasT MarkeTiNg, aT The eNd Of The day real resulTs Will Occur WheN “ONe-TO-ONe” relaTiONships are fOrMed ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  22. iT Takes creaTiviTy NOT ONly iN The kiTcheN, buT alsO iN kNOWiNg hOW TO MarkeT yOur braNd aNd cONNecT WiTh The cusTOMer. sOcial Media is aN iNNOvaTive aNd cOsT efficieNT Way resTauraNT OWNers aNd MaNagers caN geNeraTe MOre buzz aNd creaTe MOre lOyal cusTOMers. ©Fluid Studio, 2009 Social media advice from David Finch w/ Social Media Explorer
  23. ad age videO ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  24. lOcally OWNed resTauraNTs aNd fOOd chaiNs caN OpT iNTO sOcial Media aT a fairly cOsT effec- Tive MaNNer aNd have The abiliTy TO briNg TheM eveN clOser TO Their cusTOMer ONce They realize - WhO Their cusTOMer is, - WhaT Makes TheM Tick aNd - WhaT They like aNd dislike. usiNg sOcial Media caN be ThaT MissiNg cOMpONeNT ThaT Takes a casual cusTOMer aNd helps TheM evOlve iNTO a braNd aMbassadOr. ©Fluid Studio, 2009 Social media advice from David Finch w/ Social Media Explorer
  25. sOcial Media case sTudies fOr resTauraNTs ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  26. caMiNiTO argeNTiNeaN sTeakhOuse It is a single-location restaurant in Northampton, Mass iN addiTiON TO a Typical blOg, caMiNiTO leverages sOcial Media by The fOllOWiNg MeaNs: • Prime Cuts TV” is their YouTube channel where weekly/bi- weekly posts describe some of the techniques and how-to posts from the Prime Cuts Blog. • Each restaurant news item that would warrant a press release is distributed via the web and posted on the Caminito website to enhance SEO benefits of relevant, keyword-rich content added frequently. • Google news and blog alerts are set up to monitor not only what people are saying about the restaurant, but also what other Argentinean steakhouses are doing around the country and what other area restaurants are doing. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  27. caMiNiTO argeNTiNeaN sTeakhOuse • A monthly e-newsletter is sent to an opt-in email list to announce special events, special menus and more. • Caminito is very active on Yelp! and includes a link on its website to encourage users to leave reviews there. • The restaurant has a MySpace page to reach the college age crowd with several area universities and colleges nearby. They post bulletins, blog posts and events there. • Caminito also uses Upcoming, both owners have the restaurant listed and talk openly about it on Facebook with new posts on Prime Cuts feeding into their notes. • They’ve recently started a Facebook Brand Page for the restaurant as well. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  28. sTarbucks • Has more than 245,000 followers on Twitter • Currently is running an ice cream giveaway promotion on its Facebook page through July 16. • The company also recently inked a sponsorship deal with popular MSNBC morning show “Morning Joe,” which airs nationwide five days a week. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  29. sTarbucks MysTarbucks.cOM • A community set up to increase communications between the company and their customers. • It serves two primary functions: to respond to the community and to review and promote ideas. Customers join the online community to submit suggestions/comments and vote on others’ ideas. • Since it’s launch in March of 2008, Starbucks has had these results: 3 million unique visitors 60,000 ideas submitted 100,000s of comments ©Fluid Studio, 2009 460,000 votes 2,500 moderator comments
  30. cOffeegrOuNdz • Shortly after joining Twitter, Operations Manager for CoffeeGroundz, J.R.Cohen, started following members of the local Houston Twitterati and in no time had amassed over 1000 followers. • Today, he credits Twitter with almost doubling his clientele and with opening his eyes to a whole new way to build Community. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  31. cOffeegrOuNdz ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  32. krysTal (Chattanooga, TN Hamburger Chain) • Krystal Giveaway Show, a live broadcast online, where the restaurant’s fans could answer trivia questions in real time by posting responses on Twitter and Facebook • A Krystal spokesman said the May 27 broadcast attracted more than 1,600 viewers who posted more than 500 comments on the brand’s Facebook page and wrote about 300 tweets on Twitter with a #KrystalHD tag • Vice president of marketing Brad Wahl called the social-media event “encouraging” and told Nation’s Restaurant News, “Customer retention and loyalty is a big deal, and anything we can do to develop our database of Krystal lovers will go a long way.” ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  33. Mccrady resTauraNT (A Chef’s Blog) • McCrady’s Chef Sean Brock’s blog • Blogging since May 2006 ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  34. sOcial NeTWOrks fOr resTauraNTs: WWW.fOhbOh.cOM WWW.diNersfeedback.cOM WWW.urbaNspOON.cOM WWW.yelp.cOM WWW.TripadvisOr.cOM ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  35. fOh bOh “When you go to general social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, it’s really all about you,” CEO and co-founder Michael Atkinson said. “FohBoh is for you and by you …Our focus is on the industry rather than the consumer.” “Restaurant people are naturally social,” Mr. Atkinson said. “Our ultimate mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone in the industry to have an interactive voice.” ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  36. sO Where dO yOu sTarT WiTh sOcial Media? 1. lisTeNiNg 2. lOcal ONliNe busiNess guides 3. TWiTTer 4. e-NeWsleTTers 5. blOgs 6. facebOOk ©Fluid Studio, 2009 7. yOuTube
  37. sO Where dO yOu sTarT WiTh sOcial Media? 8. flickr 9. MObile 10. sOcial aNd cOMMuNiTy caleNders 11. MapquesT & gOOgle Maps lOcal bus. cTr. 12. yOur OWN WebsiTe ©Fluid Studio, 2009 • Make sure your restaurant can be searched and reviewed through local business guides such as Yelp.com, Urbanspoon.com, and TripAdvisor.com
  38. TWiTTer • Twitter – sign up for a Twitter account. • Publish your Twitter profile on all documents. Promote giveaways, specials and announcements via your Twitter profile. • Use it also as a tool to listen and converse with your customers. By all means use your restaurant’s name in your Twitter name, but make sure that the people that read your bio know that you’re the owner, the chef etc. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  39. TWiTTer Tips be real. be yOurself dON’T brOadcasT There’s a temptation to boldly tell everyone in Twitter who you are, what you do and what a great place your restaurant is. Don’t. be aN experT. seek aN experT. The best way to engage people is to listen to them. People want to be heard and interacted with. keep aN eye ON yOur braNd aNd yOur iNdusTry ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  40. facebOOk • Set up a Facebook fan page to connect with your customers on Facebook. • Keep it updated with fresh content and always make sure you’re involved with the conversations that are taking place on “the wall.”(Events through Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, etc.) • Create competitions and give-aways among fans to promote your page and create interaction ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  41. yOuTube • Create a youtube channel of uploaded or favorite videos you can share • Provide a few quick tips and how-tos from the house chef. • Share these videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites, as well as your blog. • You could even use video to even show where you buy your produce and meats. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  42. flickr • Use photo sharing sites to show images of events, behind the sce- nesand market days. • Let your customer see from the eyes of the chef rather then just the brand. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  43. blOg • Blogging is a great way to bring the customer into the kitchen. It’s a great way bring them behind the scenes and make them feel a part. • Sharing a recipe, employee profiles, and kitchen tips and tricks are just a few options to break down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. • Customers want to be part of something more then just a meal, they want to feel like they belong. • Use local magazine and newspaper blogs like the Deseret News & Salt Lake Magazine to promote your restaurant ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  44. e-NeWsleTTer • Email a monthly newsletter with the latest happenings, new menu items, entertainment news, recipe of the month etc. • This is also a great tool to collect email addresses for future opportunities to connect with the customer. • Example: Metropolitan Retaurant ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  45. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  46. lisTeNiNg • Use tweetbeep, google alerts, and even more advanced listening tools to find out what is being said about your brand locally & in the greater metro area. • Guest Pulse Great way to monitor and listen to what is being said about your brand and restaurant by customers. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  47. yOur OWN WebsiTe • Your website is the most likely second point of contact with a new customer. • Whether it be as a result of a review, a recommendation or even a click-thru from a restaurant aggregator. • Without a web site you’re missing out on a valuable marketing tool that requires little set-up and maintenance cost. ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  48. iphONe applicaTiONs fOr resTauraNTs hTTp://Mashable.cOM/2008/08/13/iphONe-fOOd-apps/ ©Fluid Studio, 2009
  49. clOsiNg Remember, that the effectiveness of social media isn’t the tool; its listening, answering questions and connecting with others. These tools are just opportunities to connect your customers to your brand and by connecting with them they’ll tell others about you. ©Fluid Studio, 2009