Future of Location - Street Fight Summit 2012


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Amber Case is the founder of Geoloqi, Inc., a company bringing the future of location to the world. She’s spoken at TED and around the world, and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, WIRED and more.


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  • It will turn you into a superhuman. You can press a button and talk with someone without having to physiclaly leave where you are. Theworld is small – you can stand on one side of the world, whisper something and be heard on ther other.
  • But they can be used to bring forth the next chapter of interfaces. The invisible interface.
  • It really starts to work when you enable large datasets and allow them to be invisible. The button reduces the friction between the real world and the digital one. Instead of looking at your device you look at the world and have the world added to you.
  • I’ve lived in Portland for 6 years and I haven’t known about buildings.
  • Sends users notifications of restaurants nearby their location that are below a threshold of cleanliness. Made by Reid Beels at a Geoloqi HackathonExample: take restaurant inspection scores, and send an SMS if you’re near a restaurant with a low score.
  • What we’ve been doing in Geoloqi is building up profiles of where people spend time. This, for example, is a list of three places I often visit, and the dates and times of each of my visits. You can see I spent 8 hours at this coffee shop on April 9th, and about 3 hours there on March 27th.
  • Frankly, I don’t care if my friend in New York is at his neighborhood coffee shop or his local gym, but if he is anywhere in San Francisco, I’d like to know so I can invite him to lunch. There’s a difference between privacy and looking for the signal in the noise.Even if he's comfortable sharing everything publicly, I just don't really need to know about it.
  • Children will enter into a hyperconnected world where they will begin to program it. They will use systems as playgrounds Allow them opportunities for playAnd they will create very intelligent things.
  • Future of Location - Street Fight Summit 2012

    1. 1. Ambient Location and theFuture of the InterfacePowering the next generation of location.Street Fight Summit ‘12Amber Case, CEO, Geoloqi.com
    2. 2. your phone is a remotecontrol for reality.
    3. 3. • Actions as buttons • Invisible interfaces • Trigger-based interactionsCalm technology
    4. 4. AnInvisibleButton
    5. 5. GeoTriggers:Many InvisibleButtons
    6. 6. Layer: a collection of Geotriggers
    7. 7. Types of Geofences• Entering• Exiting• Dwelling at a place
    8. 8. Send messagesto regions• Area with radius• Users who have been in a certain area in the last 7 days• Users in a given city or neighborhood
    9. 9. Government real- time tracking Mobile Workforce Management (Fleets)Accuracy > Cab/ride finder Mobile tour guides Geo-Pattern Mapping/Alerting Coupons Advertising Local Offers Mobile Marketing Battery Life >
    10. 10. Loyalty Rewards Government real- Order management (pharmacy, time tracking food) Hotel Check-in Mobile Workforce Customer service Management (Fleets) Home AutomationAccuracy > Cab/ride finder Mobile IT Mobile tour guides Security/Conditio Geo-Pattern Mapping/Alerting nal Access Games Coupons Social Advertising Discovery Local Offers Mobile Marketing Battery Life >
    11. 11. Use Case: Personalized AdvertisingThe next generationadvertising is local,personalized, and optedintoPremium for local targetedmobile CPM is 3.8X(Nexage).Location combined withhistory (weather alerts,etc).
    12. 12. Use Case: SecurityA doctor’s car is brokeninto. 1000 patients recordsare compromised. Millionsof dollars in liability.• Once the doctor walks 100 feet from the hospital, he can no longer access those patient records.• Geofences define conditional access rights.
    13. 13. Gaming
    14. 14. Use Case: GamingGamebuilding• Scavenger hunts• Social, location-based games using real-life as the gameboardNew revenue models• Unlock levels based on venue access• Retail location sponsorships
    15. 15. Use Case: Hospitality & CustomerService• Customer’s prescription refill is ready when they get there.• CRM Integration: based on their purchase history, a favorite item is on sale. The Automatic Check-in
    16. 16. Use Case: Home Automation Energy management and notifications • Enter the house, the lights turn on • Leave, and the lights turn off
    17. 17. Real-TimeHyperlocalWeather
    18. 18. BringingWikipedia to Life
    19. 19. Credit: Reid Beels
    20. 20. The Analyticsof Real LifeActions are Reduced • • Queries are Eliminated
    21. 21. Track Conversion of Push NotificationsCustomize campaign tracking Associate geofences with campaigns. How many people who got this push notification visited the store?
    22. 22. Analyze time spent at locations 2012 Roadmap: SpringNumber of Visits 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Visit Duration
    23. 23. Analyze time spent at locations1am3am5am7am9am11am In-Store1pm Outside3pm5pm7pm9pm11pm Confidential
    24. 24. Data collected by one personin battery-safe mode Dwell-time analytics Confidential
    25. 25. Personal location analytics
    26. 26. Monitorsignificantevents, not allevents
    27. 27. Friction disappearsData becomes relevantwhen filtered by location • Actions are Reduced • Queries are Eliminated
    28. 28. The future ofinteraction is location
    29. 29. The best technologyis invisibleIt should get out of the wayand connect people.
    30. 30. Thank you! Amber Case, CEO case@geoloqi.com partners@geoloqi.co m