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Air pressure ppt


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air pressure

Published in: Science
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Air pressure ppt

  2. 2. • According to the kinetic theory of gases, gases are made up of tiny and discrete particles. • The particles in air move about randomly at high speed. The kinetic theory of gases
  3. 3. • Air has mass, so the atmosphere pushes all things on Earth. • The ‘pressing down’ of the atmosphere on Earth is called air pressure or atmospheric pressure. • Why does we do not feel this pressure… Air exert pressure
  4. 4. • Air pressure is varies from place to place. • Is the air pressure at higher altitude is the same as lower altitude • In a closed container, the particles of air which collide with the walls of the container also exert pressure on the wall s of container.
  5. 5. • Volume – Volume ↑, Pressure ↓ • Temperature – Temperature ↑, Pressure ↑ Factors affecting air pressure
  6. 6. •Syringe •Plunger •Siphon •Drinking straw Applicationof theprincipleof air pressure