Scalding on tez (final)

Cyrille Chépélov 8 years ago

Cascading at the Lyon Hadoop User Group

acogoluegnes 9 years ago

Snowplow, Metail and Cascalog

Robert Boland 9 years ago

Programming Cascading

Taewook Eom 9 years ago

Intro to Cascading

Ben Speakmon 9 years ago

Big data or big deal

eduarderwee 9 years ago

Scalding - the not-so-basics @ ScalaDays 2014

Konrad Malawski 9 years ago

Cascading User Group Meet

Vinoth Kannan 10 years ago

Hadoop Summit EU 2014

cwensel 10 years ago

Hadoop User Group EU 2014

cwensel 10 years ago

Test Driven Elephants

Vijay Ramesh 10 years ago

Processing Big Data

cwensel 14 years ago

The Bixo Web Mining Toolkit

Tom Croucher 14 years ago