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Epic Patagonia Multi Sport Adventure Infographic


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We’re excited to share our step by step Epic Patagonia Multi Activity Adventure guide, after the roaring success of our step by step W Trek travel guide! This visual guide is a great introduction to Chilean Patagonia’s ultimate multi activity adventure and leads you day by day through what you’ll be getting up to as well as giving you insider tips on how to get to Torres del Paine National Park, the distances you’ll cover and the specialist equipment that comes included.

If you’re planning the ultimate Patagonia adventure in 2013 there’s never been a better time to book! Secure hot deals on flights to Chile and Argentina by booking in advance and make sure you’ve got lots of time to get in shape for your epic challenge!

It’s time to get excited for your Patagonia Multi Activity Adventure, the definitive all-round experience! Tweet us your queries, booking enquiries and special requests @cascada_travel!

If you’ve already conquered the Epic Patagonia Adventure this year then congratulations - we’d love to see your photos and hear your stories! And don’t forget to tag @ecocamppatagonia or @cascadaexpediciones in your facebook photos!

For more details and to book now visit: Epic Patagonia Multi Activity Adventure

We also have a printer friendly version of our step by step Epic Patagonia Adventure guide packed with itinerary info, maps, equipment guides and key highlights!

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Epic Patagonia Multi Sport Adventure Infographic

  1. 1. Epic Patagonia Multi Sport Adventure Enjoy the best of Chilean Patagonia on this multi activity adventure leading you through the highlights of Torres del Paine! This energetic trip lets you enjoy hiking, cycling, kayaking and horse riding through the magnificent Patagonian scenery while enjoying the community atmosphere and good food & wine at EcoCamp Patagonia, in the heart of the national park, in the evenings. zul aA un Lag in Pa ive eR Gr Gl ey ac ier r Arrival rde e ak L ey Gr No ke a dL öl j nsk & departure Puerto Natales Sarmiento Lake Legend Pehoe Lake Arrival Day 1 Day 2 Cycling Day 3 vehicle r ve Ri ey Gr boat kayak Day 4 Vehicle to horse riding Day 5 Treking Departure Day 6 Day 1: Arrival, Your Patagonian Adventure starts From Punta Arenas To EcoCamp 373km/232mi, 8 hours (inc. lunch in Natales & visit to Milodón Cave) Santiago (SCL) From Calafate To EcoCamp Buenos Aires 2083km/ 1294mi 3 hours 2179km/ 1354mi 1/2 3 hours 407km/253mi, 12 hours (inc. private transfer to bus station, bus from Calafate to Natales, lunch in Natales & visit to Milodón Cave) Calafate (FTE) Torres del Paine NP EcoCamp Patagonia Puerto Natales Punta Arenas (PUQ) Day 2: Cycling to Laguna Azul + Patagonian BBQ Laguna Azul Activity: Cycling Difficulty: Easy Moderate Distance: 20km / 12mi Equipment: eR in Pa r ive Paine Waterfall Overnight: EcoCamp Patagonia e ak ld L kjö ns rde No Day 3: Kayak and boat trip to Grey Glacier Activity: Kayaking Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 2km / 1.2mi Equipment incl: Overnight: EcoCamp Patagonia Grey glacier Viewpoint Grey Glacier rey oG Lag ke aake L dL ölld kjjö k ns ns e rd No Activity: Boat trip ehoe L LagoPPehoeake ver y Ri Gre Pi Riv ngo er Difficulty: Easy Time: 3.15 hours Salto Grande Equipment incl: Day 4: Horse Riding Activity: Horse Riding Difficulty: Moderate Equipment incl: ive eR in Pa r Las a gun a La arg Am as R Chin iver Overnight: EcoCamp Patagonia Laguna Amarga Ranger Station e Lak to Sarmien Lake Day 5: Trek Towers’ Base The Towers Valle del Silencio Towers viewpoint Overnight: EcoCamp Patagonia Paso de los Vientos Activity: Trekking Riv er Difficulty: Demanding As ce nc io Distance: 21km / 13mi Day 6: Godbye Patagonia! You’ve cycled across the Patagonian plains and seen the Paine massif from Laguna Azul You’ve kayaked past icebergs in a glacial lake and seen the 270km2 Grey Glacier up close You’ve gone horseriding on a traditional Patagonian ranch with a Baqueano guide You’ve hiked up to the foot of the three majestic granite towers which give the park its name Congratulations! You’ve got EPIC Patagonian Style Check out your hiking group photo in our hall of fame: For booking information visit and Cascada Expediciones - EcoCamp Patagonia Tel: +56 (2) 2923-5963 | Email