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Cloud Types Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Cloud Types Presentation

  1. 1. CLOUDS By Vergie M. Wingate H.H. Beam School Fifth Grade
  2. 2. Analyze the formation of clouds and their relationship to weather systems. Science Ojection 4.02
  3. 3. There are three basic types of clouds: stratus, cirrus, and cumulus. All other clouds are a combination of these three. How can these cloud types be used to predict the weather. Essential Question
  4. 4. Clouds form when air rises and cools .Clouds are made of tiny drops of water. These drops stick to dusk and other tiny particles in the air. Cloud Formation
  5. 5. Stratus Clouds These clouds are formed when a mass of warm air is slowly pushed up over a mass of cooler air or over a mountain. Stratus means “layer,” and these clouds form layers. These clouds can produce rain or snow.
  6. 6. Fog On clear days when the surface of the earth cools more quickly, a stratus cloud or fog will form close to the ground.
  7. 7. Cumulus Clouds These clouds form when large bubbles of warm air rise rapidly into the atmosphere. Cumulus clouds have flat bottoms and puff tops. Small white cumulus clouds mean fair weather.
  8. 8. Cumulus means “hump.” Although these clouds usually mean fair weather, they can produce light rain or snow showers.
  9. 9. Cumulonimbus clouds are big dark tall cumulus clouds that bring thundershowers .
  10. 10. Cumulonimbus Clouds or thunderheads will sometimes produce a hail storm.
  11. 11. Cirrus clouds form high in the sky. They look thin and you can see through them. They are made mostly of ice crystals.
  12. 12. Cirrus means “curl of hair” . Cirrus clouds usually mean good weather. However they may signal a that a change in weather conditions is coming.
  13. 13. Predict The Weather
  14. 14. Stratus Clouds Mean A. Rain or snow B. thunderstorm C. Fair weather
  15. 15. Cirrus Clouds Mean Usually fair weather, but it may rain or snow. C. Dust storm B. Thunderstorm A.
  16. 16. Cumulus Clouds Mean A. Hail storm B. Snow c. Fair weather
  17. 17. Cumulonimbus Clouds Mean A. Fair weather B. Thunderstorm C. Light rain
  18. 18. Websites Used
  19. 19. The End