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An e-zine about contemporary poetry

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Poe-zine #4 Republica Poetica (English)

  1. 1. Republica Poetica poe-zine October 2009, #04 r.ț. About 70 young Romanian Writers attended the r.a. fourth colloquium dedicated to them in Alba poetry. the power Iulia. A movie about the contemporary poetry young poets and their powers was made with some of the poets invited to this event. poe-zine 04 1
  2. 2. You’ve leant in school how poetry Movie project goes. It’s time to show you how it Andrei Ruse and Răzvan Țupa really is. 24 young writers explain filmed, cut and edited poetry. literature where it comes from and where it goes to. Some may swear that prose is mother for Poetry. The power- a film poetry; others think it a pyramid, a with 24 young poets and two means of communication, or rage, questions: a beeline for rock celebrity. What means poetry today? “poetry. the power” is a What is the power of poetry now? documentary that takes the pulse of the Romanian contemporary where: poetry, of its public and its Alba Iulia, Romania indecency: an hour with the new and online poets and their special powers. www.poetica.rocultura.ro www.poeticsofthequotidian.wordpress.com A movie by Andrei Ruse and www.andreiruse.ro Răzvan Țupa. Bucharest, Romania Hondrari, Marius Ianuş, Partene, Denisa Pişcu, Cadinoiu, Dan Coman, Hancer, Marin Mălaicu Dragomir, Ana Dragu, Bogdan, Olga Ştefan, Adriana Teodorescu, Cosmin Perţa, Andra Constantin Acosmei, Cătălina Ninu, Florin Serediuc, Stoian G. Teodor Dună, Aida Tudor Creţu, Sorin Vasile Leac, Oana Bănescu, Cătălina Mihai Vakulovski. Constantin Virgil Despot, Cosmin Razvan Tupa Rotaru, George Andrei Ruse Şerban Axinte, cotidianului June 2009 premiere Poeticile poets who poe-zine 04 2
  3. 3. RĂZVAN TUPA was bornin 1975 in Braila. Since 2006 he has been reading poetry at internatio- nal festi- vals and projects in Berlin (2008), Bratislava (2008), New York (2008), Prague (2008), Paris (2006, 2009) and Rome (2007) and developed different projects for video poetry. In 2009 he deployed a project of filming poetry. This project was „poetry. the power” documentary. It is a film that introduces 24 new Romanian poets selected to The National New Writers Coloquium in Alba Iulia (May, 2009). He published „fetish” (2001, 2003) and „corpuri romanesti” (2005), two books of poetry. Until now, the only anthology of new Romanian poetry in English was published by David Morley at Heaventree Press in UK, “No Longer Poetry: New Romanian Poetry”. ANDREI RUSE was born on 16th December, 1985, in Bucharest. His online activity includes developing Sketche (2006), IIIrd place as a culture blog at Roblogfest 2007, Hyperliteratura (as an admin durring 2007), ROcultura.ro (2008), IIIrd place at Webstock 2008, a project he sold in 2009. His first book of poetry was „Black Job” (ed. Vinea). In 2008 he published SONI (ed. Tritonic),a novel. poe-zine 04 3
  4. 4. Romanian Bodies An essay on new Romanian Poetry imposed the term of post- modernism in Romania reintroducing I. Starting point. 1989 experimental ways of approaching Before the fall of communism in literature that were continued form 1989, literature was perceived as a the Romanian avant-garde powerful instrument. As in other ex- movement. Writers as Traian T. communist countries, the free Cosovei, Ion Muresan, Florin market and the explosion of Iaru, Mariana Marin, Liviu Ioan traditional and new Stoiciu, Alexandru Musina, Nichita media proved to be a Danilov and Mircea bit hard for well Cartarescu imposed established authors. gradually different In Romania the ways of dealing with easiest way of reality by using organizing the textual marks of multitude of irony and fantasy. directions proved to Recuperating the be a separation values imposed by based on the year of the beat generation publishing one’s first in USA, poetry of the book. Romanian 80’s This is how the 60’s became very fast a generation was way of affirming a described as shifting away from the different literary conscience. After socialist realism imposed to the 1989, the new context became writers officially recognized in the chaotic for a poetic voice to become 50’s. powerful. In 2005, Mircea Cărtărescu From that point on, every 10 years a was the best known contemporary new generation of Romanian writers writer in Romania. His success was was considered to appear. It wasn’t not in poetry, but in prose. His short until the end of 80’s that a definite fiction reached a wide audience. new way of approaching literature Poetry in turn had to go two more so was promoted by the emerging called “generations” of writers until writers of the moment. it started to be regarded as a The so called ’80s generation possible success for publishing houses in Romania. poe-zine 04 4
  5. 5. II. The problem of manuscript writings were pretty “generations” influential for the theory and practice of writing in the 80’s. In The usage of the term “generation” 2000 the term of generation 2000 for the writers who published in the started to be used. Editors (Ni-colae 80’s proved to work against the Tone, Marin Mincu) launched the personal mark of each writer. When term regarding books like “The the public speaks of the 80’s Coffee Baby” by Zvera Ion and generation in Romania, they see “Anarchist Manifesto” by Marius rather the general elements (that Ianus. Marin Mincu was the critic are not so many) of this writers that systematically anthologized and works and less the differences that promoted the directions of the Ro- proved to be more useful for the manian poetry during the 20th following years century. He supported strongly the apparition of a new poetry A group of writers that marked a in Romania. Marin Mincu used the transition from the literary press and a series of literary mee- postmodern avant-garde of the 80’s tings at Romanian Writers Union and to a market oriented literature later in The National Museum of managed to emerge in the 90’s Literature in Bucharest to support in Romania. Poets as Cristian new trends of the contemporary Popescu, Mihail Galatanu, Ioan Es Romanian poetry. Pop imposed a clear shifting of themes and approaches from Marius Ianus, already mentioned specific literary world towards a above, is credited, together more border-like realm. with Dumitru Crudu, as the founder of fracturism, indisputably the most All this time, personalities as influent movement in Romanian Gheorghe Iova avoided the poetry between 1997 and classification 2005. accepted by the Eventually, the discu- literary critics on ssions regarding the cha- the generation. His racteristics of the writing, published “generation” turned officially just after ineffective, as the initial the fall of intentions of the new communism, was movements were aban- initially considered doned and the discussions as belonging to the became more and more 90’s generation, literary oriented. although his poe-zine 04 5
  6. 6. III. Contemporary breakthrough for a poetry written directions addressed to the common reader. Fracturism was not so much a Adrian Urmanov (”Cannonical literary movement as it was a state flashes” 2001, “Utilitarian poems” of challenging esthetical, political or 2003) and Andrei Peniuc (”A small ethical authority. For Dumitru Crudu animal” 2002, “Abridged manual of and Marius Ianus, Fracturism proved Terrorism” 2002) launched a so to be not only a fertile banner but called “utilitarian poetics” which an opportunity of affirming the new affirmed the need of a poetry search for rigorous literary discourse written for the public, a poetry that that can raise reactions from the uses the means of marketing to drag reader. Marius Ianus proved to be an readers to poetic message. influent voice for formulating a Dumitru Crudu brought something poetic discourse that shocked and more than his colleagues. As he kept touched the audience of literature a close connection with new authors and not only. His most popular from Moldavia, Crudu managed to poem, “Romania” was dedicated to impose a trend that came up with Allen Ginsberg, the poet assuming something new for the Romanian explicit connections to the well literature. known poem “America” of the Beat Over the years, the literature poet. Subsequently, Ianus launched written in Moldavia (the ex Soviet a so called “elementary lyrics” as a Union country where the official possibility of renouncing the ex- language is Romanian) was treme and sometimes superficial considered at its best as equal with interpretations that critique pre- the literature written in Romania. ferred for fracturism. Elements from After Dumitru Crudu emerged as a Beat Generation writers as Gregory respected and remarkable new Corso, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence writer in Romania, it was clear that Ferlinghetti and from Romanian and authors as Mihail Vakulovski, Russian Avant-garde movements (V. Alexandru Vakulovski and Mitos Maiakovski, Tristan Tzara, Gellu Micleusanu are releaseing a new Naum) can be considered as po- kind of power for Romanian werful influence for fracturist language. The influences from movement in Romania. Russian underground poetry or Influenced by Pier Paolo Pasolini, writers as Erofeev (Viktor and and Romanian poets like Mircea Venedikt as well), Sorokin or Ivanescu, Gellu Naum, the above Mamleev became recurrent topics mentioned books established a for approaches of a violence very often accessed by the new Romanian poe-zine 04 6
  7. 7. poetry. A very special exuberance of Georg Trakl or the later expression was imposed in this developments in terms of the manner meeting the experimental atmosphere and tragic scenario in intentions of a group of young poems by Sylvia Plath. writers in Constanta (South Eastern Romania) that brought together In Iasi (North Eastern Romania) among others, Mugur Grosu, George acted, maybe, the most active Vasilievici and Mircea Tuglea. literary group in Romania. Club 8 brought together writers that were A very peculiar direction was opened not strictly people born in the 70’s in 2000 by Constantin Virgil and 80’s. Writers as Constantin Banescu (”The Dog, The Woman and Acosmei, Radu Andriescu, Michael the glance”, “The flower with one Astner, Mariana Codrut, Gabriel H. petal” 2002, “The same sky that Decuble, Dan Lungu, O. isn’t”, 2007). The poet born in 1982 Nimigean and Dan Sociu shaped a so used to chant his poetry with called “new realism” of the traditional instruments. Unfortuna- Romanian poetry. The Romanian tely, he died in 2009. The movie new realism can be described as a ”poetry. the power” presents one of poetic alternative of the his last public readings. maximalism. A direction that shaped a very IV. The display of forces distinct part of the contemporary poetry in Romania challenged the The opposition to the official expressionist tradition. Claudiu literary institutions Komartin (”The Puppeteer and other in Romania began with publishing Insomnias” 2003, ”The Domestic the magazine “Fracturi” (a Circus” 2005 ), Dan Coman (”The publication of writers involved with Year of the Yellow Mole” 2003, the fracturist movement). Although ), Cosmin Perța (”Zorovavel” 2002) the magazine appeared just for one and Teodor Dună (”The Train of year (2002) its impact was important Thirty-first of February” 2002), especially for the literary Romanian although in very different ways, society which was confronted with a approached the hieratic manner of new situation: a literary magazine shifting themes and atmosphere that attacked constantly the effects without the restraint accepted canon of contemporary expressed by their colleagues Romanian literature aiming to a regarding the bookishness. This wider audience than the usual group of Romanian writers took a readers of the literature. grip into continuing poetics that bring in one’s mind Paul Celan, poe-zine 04 7
  8. 8. The headquarters of new Romanian new books, most of them poetry poetry moved for a while on Internet books. websites as club literar and hyperliteratura gathered the In Arad, (North Western Romania) a most active new Romanian poets. group of writers (Catalin Lazurca, Vasile Leac, Florin Maduta, T.S. Since 2002, different clubs Khasis) tried to present poetic tools in Bucharest and in other cities have to argue tragic situations. been hosting regular events of performing and reading poetry. Club Recently, new writers as Andrei A in Bucharest organized the Ruse or Sorin Dinco are introducing Fracturi evenings in 2002 and since projects of visual poetry using the 2005 it is the main location for Internet as a medium of expression Poetics of quotidian, a series of as well as an alternative to printed meetings that introduce writers and magazines of poetry. V. Romanian Bodies. Table of Elements Before listing a few of the most visible Romanian poets who had emerged in the last 10 years, we should state that together with the above mentioned literary influences, the new Romanian poetry kept a very close relation with music. Diamanda Galas, Placebo, U2, Eminem, Tupac, Madonna were mentioned as recurrent creative motives. a) The Exuberance of Andra Rotaru Poetry Teodor Duna f) The chalange of the -Mihai Vakulovski Claudiu Komartin profound -George Vasilievici Cosmin Perta Stefan Manasia -Vasile Leac Tudor Cretu Linda Maria Baros -Catalin Lazurca Florin Partene Adela Greceanu -Mugur Grosu Ioana Nicolaie d) The Poetics "New Constantin Virgil Banescu b) The Game of Masks (excesive) realism" -Serban Axinte Marius Ianus g) The Traumatised -Dumitru Badita Dan Sociu Voice -Livia Rosca Dumitru Crudu Elena Vladareanu -Robert Mandroiu Bogdan Perdivara Miruna Vlada -Andrei Ruse Eugen Suman Ruxandra Novac Olga Stefan c) The Neo- e) Trans-textual poetics T.S. Khasis expressionistic Adrian Urmanov Domnica Drumea manierism Andrei Peniuc Diana Geacar Dan Coman Razvan Tupa Oana Catalina Ninu poe-zine 04 8
  9. 9. poe-zine 04 9
  10. 10. Domnica Drumea (b. in 1979) graduated from the Literature Faculty of Bucharest University in 2002. Her debut collection of poems, Crises (Vinea, 2003), won Bucharest Writers’ Association Debut Award. She has a second collection of poems, Not for sale, in course of issue at Cartea Romaneasca. At present she is editor and translator. With or without turn to my little girl and smile I imagine liviu’s town from which more routes open the message split you were talking about and I wonder if you did it with or without if in the smell of fried potatoes can happen warm and slippery things Photo pm.ablog.ro like love which in fact is so close like me Domnica Drumea my frown pressed to the window all I have to do is poe-zine 04 10
  11. 11. Mugur exhibitions, performances and experimental projects, he co- founded two independent cultural organizations and he published four Grosu books: Haltera cu zurgalai (poetry/ Ed. Pontica, 2001), Macelărie (essays, Ed. Tomis, 2006), sms/ ei respiră şi fac dragoste ca şi fluturii Mugur Grosu was born at 11th (zapping poetry / Ed. Vinea, 2006), February, 1973 in Constanta, on the press/ troleul 43 s-a spânzurat cu Romanian Black Sea coast. At the cordonul de la capot (zapping poetry early age of five he started to play / Ed. Vinea, 2007). In 2008, in piano and to attend a jazz club lead contradiction by Harry Tavitian – with the whole Photo: inhalatii.blogspot.com who will became his course of his life mentor, friend and he became a ...Godfather. The member of the Armenian born in Writers' Union Romania jazzman is of Romania. But one of the most he’s still influent and original breathing... contemporary musicians of his country, wide known for his concerns about I remember the cultural bridges and collateral woman syncretism of the arts, so meeting him was a turning point in his life, and the beginning of a series of biographical accidents I had been blabbing all night long making some bets too... After some years, Mugur was I knew how to keep an unctuous kicked-out from the music school secret because he played at exams some variations of Bach in a jazz manner, I couldn’t get back breathing my last later he was rejected 3 times from had been admitted to a Harvard the Fine Arts Academy of Bucharest gazelle supposed to get down there in my and so on... But he became a self- socks taught, independent artist, writer to begin the adventure of my and publisher, he had a lot of punctuality poe-zine 04 11
  12. 12. Starla Remp my fatherly transformed she saved a snail growing under her lung couldn’t stop breast preaching our honourable artistic creed her sloth was spreading from the window smiling waving to travellers in anno domini ’73 nobody was she was carrying a restless trauma singing O mio bambino caro saying to everybody Good night Mr. there was no launch of my painful Starla Remp copies nobody was going to panic of that she had something on the dike that was pissing me off somebody still ought to announce she was depriving me of my ordinary me to kidnap me fortuitous grace making me swim screaming through lawyers were revenging us we were my former abject love stories in damn scared front of the train were opening the ears’ amphitheatre were populating I told her I would take care of all her complaints collateral honey moons were thinking about our mammals’ to take part of the tribes to carry problems some gas in the house calm down Remp the collateral every little thing was easy to be woman still hails me seduced with the help of the wind from the quay’s ambush in the renal and the speed of the strawberry way I was able to help a comet to be her hip is staring at us from the introduced to society I was able to clouds and we dream of her fix the all all night long I loved petting her armpit on a however she was bending me and in million streets planet away her dead lake I had to fly with the Caucasian wing I used to be that fast cause I always ran in the opposite direction she was playing my trumpet forcing me to run through the iron of I couldn’t bear the time when I her fall would not lie on her who are you I was asking my sticky sweat was honestly pleading in a hidden place she was laying for the right of every single daughters and sons of myself candidate to a chilly salad I was pudding with lions around the pipe I wanted to scream remember we are a family I was are you going to die I was asking asking poe-zine 04 12
  13. 13. most of you don’t know me well she I would have said some peach skin was wandering in her speech laws setting up drastic visas to the there are some spells in the food in collateral woman the water I was saying sweetening only my wet shampooed hair Starla my haircut Remp could have checked on the blockade I trust the unstableness of the placenta If I think twice It is a desirable felt message she the immaculate sheets helps me to added scream with an outdated grace that I’m bringing right now from the crops of Venus country I would have become a president without a problem Photo pm.ablog.ro I would have received an approximate cat and probably poe-zine 04 13
  14. 14. Cosmin (3. the madness) Look how gently death comes, Perța but she is neither violet nor soft, she comes very late at night, leans your head against the tub, dunks you a little in the dung of Cosmin Perţa was born in 1982 at foolish wonder Vişeu de Sus, Maramures, Romania. and goes. His poetry was translated in But there is nothing attractive about Confluences poétiques (France), her, when she comes, she comes silently Magyar Naplo (Hungary), Électron and you are already further away libre (Marco), Alora, la bien cercada from yourself than all your gestures. (Span), Balkani (Bulgaria), You walk slowly; you try to open Literaturnaia (Slovenia). your eyelids and only the cold din of voices poe-zine 04 14
  15. 15. reaches you. You lean a little against the sink A chocolate, a glass of wine. A half- and hope it won’t break either, hour of sleep. that your entire body won’t collapse into a puddle. You arrive too late at a certain point and you no longer know how to get The shame and the fear. back on track. You arrive too early at a certain point. Volatile and dry, soft, downy, You are alone and bald, the head undeserved. shaved. With your parents to whom you rarely speak, Translated by Laura Solomon by means even if you know too well how in of a French first draft from the original autumn their chests tremble Romanian like weightless plastic leaves, like a nothingness. The shame and the fear. Your plans no longer have any consistency or force, your hands comb the cobbles, scrape the dried-out skin of some neighbour, knead ineffectually into the flesh. Your hands are no longer what they used to be and the worm floats in the hard air. My father brought me up well. He gave me a brain and a body and some supplies. He gave me the supper as promised and some cigarettes. In the deserted outskirts of the town among the cockroaches and mortar, everything’s fine. Nothing can reach you, memory is short around here and all these things exist only for you. Photo pm.ablog.ro poe-zine 04 15
  16. 16. Stars speak your language A romanian body is the other one to whom you transfer everything you are In school we all had a cousin who had seen who had been—he was the romanian body of each of us—he he does luxury hands trafficking—of each of us like a duty like a possibility— the same for every fear of our nape fluff one by one or several that you dream in—and the dream is what you do since you wake up till late evening In a very clear moment when my phonetic sound covers Relational poem everything with a breeze of touches one by one or several—tongue 1. Tell something you had dreamed thrust in the air (at most 3 lines) our duty is pleasure Above the roof of the mouth 2. Name/forename (optional) stars rise one by one English version Adam J Sorkin 3. place/country/city Răzvan 4. 3 words on (1) country (2) city (3) you 5. 2 words you prefer Țupa 6. 1 word you can't stand 7. HELLO Afterwords please add: 1 + I am let’s say + 2 + Now you call Since 2005 he hosts the Poetics of me + 3 + and I repeat as a sacred the quotidian event in Club A. formula + 4 + here we can stop: + 5 + Beyond this, only + 6 + 7 poe-zine 04 16
  17. 17. New Romanian poetry readings in Prague and Berlin Two Romanian poetry events for the autumn of 2009 in Prague in Berlin September 30th Friday October 30th 22:00 Krásný ztráty Cafe (Náprstkova 10, Praha Live Poesie 1, Staré Město) LiteraturWerkstatt 17.00 – 20.00 Ioana Nicolaie, Sorin Ghergut, Rita Krasny Ztraty Cafe Chirian, Svetlana Carstean, Gabriela Oana Ninu, Domnica Drumea, Mugur Eftimie, Constantin Acosmei, Stefan Grosu, Cosmin Perta, Răzvan Ţupa Manasia, Vasile Leac and Vlad With a presentation of the issue Moldovan, with a video selection by dedicated by the Plav magasine to Andrei Ruse Romanian literature introduced by Razvan Tupa poe-zine 04 17
  18. 18. poetics of the quotidian 4 years latter poe-zine 04 18
  19. 19. From literatures in motion to republica poetica PoQ was initiated as an event intended Most of these meetings were held in to promote contemporary literature to a Club A, one of the clubs impossible to non-specialized public. The Poetics of avoid when one intends to address the the Quotidian become after 4 years of history of Bucharest underground in the weekly meetings an original literary last 30 years. event involving its own idea over A series of poetics of the quotidian literature: relational poetics. workshops developed the concept Until June 2009 event used the of relational poetics in 2009 in formula literatures in motion. Our aim Timișoara (Cărturești and Cartea de was to present literature by the means Nisip bookshops) and Constanţa (Fishzila of live interviews and performances as pub). This concept involves researching work in progress and moving image of the poetic data and potential of any the author. individual starting with writing exercises, elaborating poetic personal and general This year, the new format of Poetics of maps and interacting. the quotidian is Republica poetica. Republica poetica is a project aimed to 2005- I-XVI – 16 editions present the contemporary The first season of meetings included manifestations of poetry, it’s power and inviting a writer and a music band on effectiveness. Public readings, debates, stage, reading, live interviews performance are presented in and a live the new format interview on in order to literature and present at least poetic attitudes. two guests for a meeting. This first series of Poetics of the Each edition of quotidian was the 105 of the appreciated as a poetics of the public event quotidian open for non meetings invited specialists. writers to present their Since 2005, The works and their PoQ has become positions a habitual pre- regarding the sence for the most close actu- Bucharest litera- ality. ry display. poe-zine 04 19
  20. 20. 2006- XVII- 2008- LVIII- XLII- 26 LXXXIV-27 editions editions In 2006, the In 2008, the “poetics of “poetics of the the quotidian” quotidian” included introduced visual guests that projects, were already different known as performances writers or and experiments, being invited to bring cultural projects managers. The core colour to the meetings that continued to purpose of the meetings of PoQ became involve readings and live interviews. more organic in using different means (artistic and technical as well) to present Season 3 (spring) and 4 (autumn) an eloquent side of contemporary created a real stir by bringing in club A literature. many writers from all over Romania. Since 2006, The Poetics of the quotidian In 2008, for the first time, PoQ was became a meeting point for fresh opened for writers who would decide to literature in display. meet the public. For 10 minutes before the beginning of the evening, anyone 2007- XLIII-LVII-15 editions who would be curious to see the In 2007, the “poetics of the quotidian” reaction of an audience could sign in for had guests who were less popular at the 5 minutes of performing their writing. moment of their debate at PoQ. 2009- LXXXV-CVI- 21 editions Gradually, the central aim of the meetings changed from dynamic After almost four years, the Poetics of presentation to a debate and oral the Quotidian transformed the initial presentation of the guests and, mainly, effort of promoting contemporary of the works that gathered the audience literature into a scene for debating and for this events. presenting dynamic projects. Season 5 (spring) and 6 (autumn) Contemporary writers answer questions managed to introduce many writers from the audience and present a from Timisoara or Cluj Napoca in club A. personal approach for their own work For The Poetics of the quotidian 2007 and for the influences they received. was a hard year, the fact that we already The new format of PoQ includes a had raised an interest for the meetings section of open mic for anyone who bringing the necessity of a more would perform their own writing or the attentive selection of the guests. poems that are important for their development. poe-zine 04 20
  21. 21. poe-zine 04 21
  22. 22. We, the people of poetry, to assert sincere confidence, the expression of calm fascination, the clear joy, the burst of limpid passion, the organization of diurnal intensity of approach, the usage of quiet rustling- touch, and full breath, decide and define this Constitution of Republica Poetica 1. Poetic status 3. Territory a) The poet is the state of trans-sovereign a) The Poetic territory is primarily an inner state, independent unitary and indivisible territory. b) Form of government-state status is poetic b) State borders are established by textual republic. definition, respecting the principles and generally accepted rules of untextual poetics. c) Poetica is an aesthetic, social and democratic state where human dignity, c) The territory is organized administratively in rights and freedoms of citizens, the free poems, poets and poetry. Some poets are development of personality, justice and poetic declared laureate. pluralism is supreme and guaranteed values. d) Throughout poetic territory don t live 2. Sovereignty persons but their states. a) Trans-national sovereignty belongs to the poetic state that exercise it through formulation and delimitation carried by explicit language. b) No group or person may exercise sovereignty on their own. poe-zine 04 22
  23. 23. and expression of their cultural, linguistic and religious to persons belonging to poetic minorities. b) The protection measures taken to preserve the republic and emotional expression of 4. Unity and equality minorities’ must comply with the principles of equality and discrimination in relation to other a) The state foundation is poetic unity of citizens’ poetry. states. 7. Poetics abroad b) The poetic is the common and indivisible state of all attitudes irrespective of race, a) The Republic supports the strengthening of nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, links with poetics outside the borders of the sex, opinion, political adherence, property or country and working to preserve, develop social origin. and express their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity in compliance with the laws of 5. Citizenship the State whose citizens they are. a) Poetic citizenship is acquired, retained or lost 8. Pluralism in poetic society in conditions of dynamic poetry. a) Pluralism in society is a poetic condition and b) Citizenship may not be withdrawn to anyone safeguard Constitutional democracy. and is assumed by own responsibility. Poetics citizens are responsible towards c) Poetics are constituted and operate in themselves and can be made liable only for the conditions of absolute freedom. They help acts of those around them. defining and expressing the will of citizens, respecting national sovereignty, territorial 6. Right to identity integrity and the principles of poetic democracy a) Republica Poetica recognizes and guarantees poetic. the right to preserve and develop emotional poe-zine 04 23
  24. 24. 9. Transnational Relations b) Transnational day of poetry can be any day. a) Poetics maintain and develop peaceful c) Transnational anthem of poetry is the poem. relations with all countries and, in this context, relations of good aesthetical neighbourhood, d) The coat of arms of the country and seal are based on poetry and the other principles established by poetic forms. generally accepted in contemporary society. 13. Official language 11. Contemporary society Any language used in communication between a) The Poetic State undertakes to fulfil in people and even the natural or invented good faith its obligations in poetic and aesthetic languages are official languages in the Republic treaties to which it is a part. of poetics. b) Treaties ratified by the inner court are 14. Capital part of private poetic. Poetics Capital is internal, personal and multiple 12. Poetic Symbols external manifestations. a) The poetic flag is a language flag. Its 15.Diplomacy distinctive signs mean assuming responsibility Embassy of poetry in France is at the Romanian of poetic discourse. Cultural Institute in Paris. poe-zine 04 24