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Urban U Magazine


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In a class assignment, two girls and I had to create a magazine in 9 weeks. This is the presentation.

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Urban U Magazine

  1. 1. Demographics 18-23 Female Live In The Metropolitan Urban City College Students Parents Support Have a dorm room or apartment close to school. All Ethics Working a variety of part time jobs. Psychographics Fashion Forward & Trendy Social Studying a variety of college majors Enjoy Art, Music,Entertainment, and shopping. Interested and involved in what is going around them in the Big City. Why URBAN. U? Urban U. Magazine will be successful in the market by catering to young college women in the metropolitan college campuses. exclusive for college campuses only gives our magazine a prestige value. Focusing in on important issues young females are effected by in college and getting ready to head to the real world. Urban U. is every city girls life companion for the major 4 years of the turning point of her life.
  2. 2. U. Fashion
  3. 3. U. Fashion
  4. 4. U. Cover Girl
  5. 5. U. Advertisements
  6. 6. U. Body & Fitness
  7. 7. U. Reviews
  8. 8. U. FUN
  9. 9. Thank You.