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What is planning and why bother

Blue RubiconKate Waters

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What is planning and why bother

  1. 1. WHAT IS PLANNING AND WHYDO WE BOTHER?Kate Waters, Blue Rubicon
  2. 2. What is planning? Any systematic approach to planning advertising has to do more than simply provide controls and disciplines. It must actively stimulate imagination and creativity too. Stephen King, JWT Planning Guide, 1974 We need a process that enhances an agency’s ability to produce outstanding creative solutions for our brands that will be effective in the marketplace. It is the planner’s job to guide or facilitate this process via the astute application of knowledge. Planners are in a unique position because they (should) have a detailed understanding of the audience and the market context through research expertise AND an appreciation of how this can be applied to their client’s business. Planners must provide the crucial bridge between the two worlds in order to get customers to engage profitably with the brand. Merry Baskin, APG 2007
  3. 3. But there are now many types ofplanning… Creative Brand Comms Marketing Data Business Media/ comms Brand Clients &Ad agencies planning Direct, CRM Consultancies, consultancies consultancies e.g. BBH e.g. Naked, e.g. EHS e.g. McKinsey e.g. Interbrand e.g. OSM Carat
  4. 4. WHAT DO WE DO?
  5. 5. Understand how and why peoplemake decisions/ act 60 50 40 30 20 10 I couldnt live without my 0 freezer Years Frozen food is as good as fresh food
  6. 6. Understand how and why peoplemake decisions/ actThe insight: The campaign:Getting people talking is thesingle most useful thingcommunication can do toencourage safer sex
  7. 7. Root work in the commercialworld
  8. 8. Redefine problems in a moremeaningful way Not enough R&M smokers are quitting R&M smokers want to quit, try to quit but are less successful at it Tackle ‘cold turkey’ to persuade them to use support Cross sell other NHS services
  9. 9. Give brands a point of view that helps creatives gets them noticed“Honda has been selling cars in the UK for29 years. Not many knew. Or cared. EvenHonda owners felt compelled to justifytheir choice, with I drive a Hondabecause instead of the proudly simpler Idrive a Honda. They were buying themfor the perfectly rational reason that thecars are excellent. Trouble is, rational isin the same neighbourhood as sensible,which is only a few doors away from dull.Although Jeremy Clarkson might disagree,its hard to buy a bad car these days, soemotional pull really matters. On thatscore, Hondas were a bit low-fat vanilla”
  10. 10. Identify how communication needs to work to be effective Salience? Persuasion? Direct response? Emotion? Low involvement?
  11. 11. Creative briefs are the key tool we use Objectives Role for Communication Target audience Insight Proposition Tone of voice Support
  12. 12. When could a planner be useful? When you need help defining the problem When you want to know what the world is thinking When you need to turn business objectives into a creative strategy Moderating/ guiding thinking Providing rationale & support for a point of view To deconstruct and rationalise creative work When you need a devil’s advocate
  13. 13. Stuff to explore if you want toknow more A Masterclass in Brand Planning, Stephen King Truth, Lies and Advertising, Jon Steel APG Creative Strategy Awards Books Planning blogs, e.g. AdLiterate (Richard Huntingdon), Russell Davies
  14. 14. QUESTIONS?