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Christopher harney


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Chris Harney is an excellent golfer who has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for almost two decades acting as a strategic advisor to international companies seeking to enter or expand business activities in Asian markets. He holds a world record as 1981 National Power Hitting Champion and has contributed a lot to the game of golf through his writings, series of 13 corporate gold television shows which he hosted and developed in 1983 when he was based in Osaka, Japan.

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Christopher harney

  1. 1. Chris HarneyA Well-Known Golfer
  2. 2. Chris Harney Is a Well-Known GolferOne of the most popular games in the world, Golf has afollowing in almost every country. What attracts players to thisgame is that it can be played by people of all age groups. Thisgame is played both recreationally and professionally. Thoughthe object of the game sounds fairly simple, i.e., to put a ball ina hole by hitting it with a club in minimum number of strokes, itis quite a challenging game. Becoming a good golfer requiresyears of practice.Chris Harney is well-known golfer who set a world record of271 yards with 9 iron in 1981 National Power Hitting Champion.He also wrote a weekly sports column for The Boston Guide forseveral years. Readers learnt a lot about how to improve theirgame by reading his “Ask The Experts” column. He has beenassociated with many prestigious associations like theProfessional Golfers’ Association of America, theMassachusetts Golf Association, the United States GolfAssociation, and more.
  3. 3. Chris Harney Has Been Associated With Professional Golfers’ Association of AmericaHeadquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, the ProfessionalGolfers’ Association of America was founded in 1916. The PGA ofAmerica has more than 28,000 men and women golf professionalmembers. These professionals are known for their expertise in growing,teaching, and managing the game of golf. Chris Harney, a well-knowngolfer has been associated with various associations, such as theProfessional Golfers’ Association of America, the Massachusetts GolfAssociation, the United States Golf Association.He was a writer for The Boston Globe, a leading news source forMassachusetts. He had his own weekly Sports Column in “Ask TheExperts” column for several years and many readers benefitted from hisexpert advice and tips on the game of golf.
  4. 4. Chris Harney Was The 1981 National Power Hitting ChampionChris Harney is a well-known golfer who is known for his power hittingskills. He was the 1981 National Power Hitting Champion and had set aworld record of 271 yards with 9 iron. He has been associated with PGAof America, Massachusetts Golf Association, and United States GolfAssociation.PGA of America is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens,Florida and was founded in 1916. This association has more than 28,000members, both men and women, who are professional golfers. TheMassachusetts Golf Association was founded in 1903 and has more than90,000 member golfers.Chris Harney also used to write a weekly sports column for The BostonGuide. This column helped the readers to improve their golfing skills. Healso started a corporate golf program in 1988 at the Andover CountryGolf Club. As a Golf Director, he worked hard to promote this programand its success can be judged from the fact that corporate like Converse,Wang and Merrill Lynch were its members.
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