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Christopher Harney


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Christopher Harney is an excellent golfer who has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for almost two decades acting as a strategic advisor to international companies seeking to enter or expand business activities in Asian markets. He holds a world record as 1981 National Power Hitting Champion and has contributed a lot to the game of golf through his writings, series of 13 corporate gold television shows which he hosted and developed in 1983 when he was based in Osaka, Japan.

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Christopher Harney

  1. 1. Christopher HarneyImportance of Golf Flexibility
  2. 2. Christopher Harney: Importance of Golf FlexibilityGolf flexibility is a commonly used term in golf. Anyonewho plays golf regularly is usually aware of this term asit mostly used by senior golfers. It is a naturalphenomenon wherein as a person’s age increases, hisor her golf flexibility decreases. Decreased flexibilityalso causes decreased driving distance. Repeating goodswings also becomes difficult, and this decreased levelof performance can frustrate any good golfer.
  3. 3. Christopher Harney: A Popular GolferChristopher Harney is son of a popular golfer who had 6 PGA Tourvictories and five wins in the Massachusetts Open His father served as anavy officer during the Korean War and was known for his excellentgame, helping and charitable nature.Christopher Harney also followed the footsteps of his father and set aworld record of 271 yards with 9 iron in 1981. He has been part ofvarious professional golf associations like such as Professional Golfers’Association of America, the Massachusetts Golf Association, and theUnited States Golf Association. While in Osaka, Japan, he developed andhosted a series of 13 corporate golf television shows. He also started acorporate golf program and was its Golf Director at Andover CountryClub. The club had members like Converse, Wang and Merrill Lynch.
  4. 4. Christopher Harney Was Associated With the United States Golf AssociationChristopher Harney is a leading golfer who has been associated withdifferent golf associations and has contributed a lot to the game of golf.The United States Golf Association is known for conducting the U.S.Open, U.S. Women’s Open, and U.S. Senior Open besides 10 nationalamateur championships, along with other state and internationalmatches. This Association can be considered as a global leader in thedevelopment and support of golf course management and practices.Christopher Harney’s father was also a well-known golfer who was Five-time Massachusetts Open championship winner. His father gave golflessons to people of different age groups to help them improve theirgolfing skills. He also donated to charities and was a devout catholic.Chris inherited the love for this game from his father and is known forsetting a world record of 271 yards with 9 iron in 1981.
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