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Most Unique Places for Caravanning & Camping in Australia


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Caravan Insurance Company shares some touring places & camp grounds for camping in Australia

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Most Unique Places for Caravanning & Camping in Australia

  1. 1. Most Unique Places for Caravanning & Camping in Australia caRVan insurance
  2. 2. Want to Do Camping in Australia? -> 7.5 million square kilometers to explore -> Most unique destinations -> Breathtaking sites
  3. 3. Before Going On Trip ◦ Please keep emergency food, torch and other items(which you need frequently) ◦ Keep id proofs, RV ownership/hiring proof and caravan insurance papers (if you face any accident) ◦ Check your physical fitness from doctors
  4. 4. Northernmost Point – The Tip Cape York, QLD ◦ Plan a caravanning trip to travel and visit the northernmost point of Australian continent. ◦ It is Situated more than 1,000 km north of Cairns. ◦ Navigate through rough terrain, croc-inhabited river crossings, and a scramble over steep rocks to reach Cape York Peninsula. ◦ Nearest commercial campsite to the Tip (within 10 km) is “Cape York Camping”
  5. 5. Pink Lake, WA ▪ Officially name Spencer Lake ▪ Total 3 pink lakes in Western Australia: • Hutt Lagoon near Geraldton • Lake Hillier on Middle Island • Spencer Lake in Goldfields- Esperance ▪ Nearest town to Pink Lake is Esperance ▪ Camping options: ◦ Pink Lake Tourist Park ◦ Esperance Bay Holiday Park
  6. 6. Largest Opal Mining Area - Coober Pedy, SA ◦ Opal – Coober Pedy is a real gem place ◦ Underground homes, known as “dugouts” ◦ Opal miners built “Dugouts” to serve shelter against the harsh desert conditions ◦ There are unique underground accommodation options for tourist & gem hunters ◦ Campsites at Riba’s Underground Camping & Caravan Park, just 5 km outside of the town center
  7. 7. Wallaman Falls, Girringun National Park, QLD ▪ Australia’s tallest single-drop waterfall: Wallaman Falls ▪ This waterfall’s height is 268 m ▪ It is located as UNESCO World Heritage site listed as the Wet Tropics of Queensland, in Girringun National Park ▪ It is home of many unique species of wildlife ▪ Campsites are located within the park itself
  8. 8. Ayers Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT ▪ Also known as Uluru ▪ Most iconic landmarks ▪ It is recognized as Australia’s “Red Centre” because it appears to change colors depending on the time of day ▪ Glowing red at sunrise and sunset
  9. 9. Most Haunted Town - Port Arthur, TAS ▪ If you aren’t afraid of ghosts, you’re welcome to stay the night at Port Arthur Holiday Park. ▪ That haunted place is well-known prison as being inescapable ▪ It is also Australia’s best preserved penitentiary
  10. 10. Largest Sand Island - Fraser Island, QLD ▪ Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island ▪ 2,000 square kilometers ▪ Check out the 75 Mile Beach ▪ Humpback whale sightings between the months of August and October ▪ Fraser Island boasts 45 camping spots
  11. 11. Contact us Caravan Insurance company in Australia – caRVan Insurance provides insurance on all type of RVs. Contact us to get details. Address: PO Box 550, Kotara, NSW 2289 Call: 1800 227 826 / 03 8866 0750 Email: Website: Facebook: Insurance-894237157404233/ LinkedIn: 03b20737