Graco quattro travel snugride30 carlise overall, a good product with a few drawbacks


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Graco quattro travel snugride30 carlise overall, a good product with a few drawbacks

  1. 1. Graco Quattro Tour Travel System with Snugride30,Carlise Feature Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging Convertible 3 or 5-point harness grows with your child Deluxe padded seat with 4-position recline lies flat, for babys comfort 180º rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window shades your child fromany direction Holds child up to 50 pounds for years of comfortable strollingOverall, a good product with a few drawbacksFor a newborn this is a great product.I am very pleased with the stroller.The car seat snaps into the stroller very easily it looks great the strolleris very easy to get out and put away and the seat reclines easily for usewith an older child. The only thing I would do differently is put somepadding on the straps which are kind of flimsy and uncomfortable forbaby. You can buy pads so its not a big issue.The car seat has alsobeen great. It was perfect for my newborn it looks great it is super easyto install in the car once you figure out all the car seat latch systemjargon for the first time and it is really easy to adjust the straps to takethe baby in and out. My biggest complaint is this I specifically purchased
  2. 2. the Snugride 30 for its supposed ability to last longer in the babyslifespan. What they dont advertise though is that its really the babysheight not their weight that is going to mean theyve outgrown the seat.My daughter is 10 months old and less than 20 pounds and shes at theheight limits. Besides that the seat may be rated so that it could hold a30 pound baby but I have no idea how you would get the straps over a30 pound child because I can barely squeeze my 18lb daughter intothem.Overall I still think it is a great stroller/car seat combo but I thinkthat advertising it for 30lb babies is a little misleading. I probably wouldhave gone with the standard size seat instead of the big one if I hadrealized this ahead of time.BeautifulMy parents purchased this for us and it just arrived this week! Though 7months pregnant I was able to put this together with my mothers help. Icant comment on how it holds up or anything like that but I did want tomention that this fabric choice is very luxurious. Its almost more like asuede machine washable according to the paperwork. My mom evencommented that the fabric choice was nicer than my sisters. Who gotthe same model a few years ago different fabric choice.Graco Quattro Tour Travel System with Snugride30.needs a strap when foldedlove the stroller but when folded theres nothing to keep it folded. so youcan not pick it up with one hand. it just opens. it needs a strap to holdthe two pieces together.also left front wheel rattles/moves side to side
  3. 3. very fast when i walk faster and the whole stroller shakes. either a badbearing doubt it has bearings but thats what it feel like.Very completeExcelent travel system complete reasonable in weight and sturdy. Dontgive 5 stars because of its size when folded it requires a lot of trunkroom.Really worked very well..It offered everything I could have asked for from a travel system. Wehave extensively used it for the good part of the year and the product isvery sturdy.. Especially for the price that I paid for it..One of the best strollersI love this bundle and would give it 5 stars but sadly it doesnt fit on thefront of a shopping cart the way I would like it to. Im used to carseatshaving a leveled appearance where your child is in a reclined positionThere are only two options aside from placing the seat inside the acutalbuggy your child can either be inverted or you can angle them straightup by up but the red hook in the back will be too far forward to latch ontothe cart itself.Great value, glad I chose this travel system!Great value excellent product. I hada Graco Quattro Tour Travel Systemwith my son about 7 years ago so I knew I could expect a great product.Very easy to put together Im 7 months pregnant and put it togethermyself you basically take it out of the box put the wheels on and snap onthe trays/accessories and that is it! One extra feature I would like tomention that is not listed in any product description I have seen thebottom inside of the stroller where an older childs legs rest on called an
  4. 4. enclosure actually lifts up and velcros when stroller seat is reclined allthe way making a little bassinet basically for your baby. Love thisfeature!!! I think this feature is also great to have when youre mostlyusing the stroller with the car seat attached keeps dirt/dust/wind/etc. outof stroller seat that you are not using yet. I also want to say that thefabric of this stroller is very luxurious compared to the last one I had.Great stroller and car seat comboOur little bundle isnt here just yet but after taking the baby car seat classI am thrilled that we have this car seat. It meets all of the current safetystandards and will hopefully last until the child is at least 18 mos. Thestroller is also great and easy to maneuver. The car seat fits very easilyinto the stroller and the stroller also folds up and down easily. We lovethe space the safety and the comfort.Its ok but not great!I used it for my newborn and was not very satisfied with it. Its sturdy andspacious and lots of space to store your keys glasses and extra knickknacks. Also its good for cold weather regions.However I wasunimpressed due to its weight and amount of space it took up in my car.I couldnt carry the car seat as it was heavy and while taking the baby outfor walks it was a lot weight lifting for me. We ended up buying a lighterstroller for walks and travelling and groceries etc and eventually stoppedusing this stroller and just used the car seat. Also I stay in a regionwhere summer temperature touches 100F and my baby would ending upsweating even in 80s. So I would not recommend it for warmer climates.The other problem was the carseat was not compatible with lot of Gracobases which I felt was it was unfair as we had to spend more on another
  5. 5. base even though our friends were offering their Graco carseat base foruse in the other car. A total thumbs down to this one.Read more Reviews