Graco fast action classic connect forecaster best in price range


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Graco fast action classic connect forecaster best in price range

  1. 1. Graco FastAction Fold Classic Connect Travel System,Forecaster Feature Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for year of comfortable strolling Lightweight, sturdy frame for smooth manuverabilty and easyportability Deluxe, padded, multi-position reclining seat lies flat for babys comfort Includes the top rated graco snugride infant car seat New one-second fold provides the ultimate in convenience for momson the goBest in price rangeOverall great product. Could be improved slightly when folded would benice if it locked smaller now it wiggles a bit.AmazingI bought this for my best friend and she loves it! Couldnt be happier withthis item! Perfect fit for a new family.Baby Shower GiftWe got this as a baby shower gift for my brother and sisterinlaw andthey just love the pattern and everything about it.
  2. 2. LOVE IT!!!I have not used this with my baby yet as he has not arrived yet. HoweverI will say that I went to Babies R Us before purchasing this at Amazonand I tried out several travel systems. I was mainly stuck between theChicco $300 and the Graco FastAction $200. I got my Graco for abouthalf the price of the ChiccoI got my Graco on sale!!. It is the bestpurchase I have made to date!! For the price I cant complain aboutanything! This is my first child its a boy and I dont feel like I will be stuckwith the system if I wanted a new one for the next baby b/c I didnt pay$300 for it!ProsEasily put together!Folds up literally within a second withone hand!Unfolds quickly and easily! However this is not with onehand!The basket is large it is tilted but holds quite a bit!The car seatsnaps into the stroller and releases with one hand.The tray for the carseat can be lifted very easily when your child is older.It is easy to adjustthe seat height!ConsThe adjuster for the seat is kind of cheap I dont seea huge problem with this however.Great strollerThis stroller is well priced well built and gender neutral. It really is soeasy to fold and the car seat was a cinch to install.L O V E IT!!!!!!!!!!.Not Really What I ExpectedOk the information on here is wrong. The strollers maximum weightactually goes up to 50 lbs not 30. I have to admit I havent actually usedthis yet but Im due in a week. I was excited about this when I ordered itbut a little disappointed when I got it in.Cons Difficult to UNfold Small
  3. 3. under carriage basket that is at an angle and cant be adjusted. I hopemy stuff doesnt fall out! The back doesnt fully recline and its adjustableby a flimsy piece of plastic and elastic really?!? Not what I would expectfor a $200 system. When the seat is up right the head sits directly nextto the metal bars. I dont know if that will be comfortable for a baby whofalls asleep.?. And lastly the sun shade is attached to the cup holders soits not really adjustable other than opening it and closing it. I was reallydisappointed in this feature because my last Graco quatro tourI couldadjust the sun shade to actually shade the babys face.Pros light weightreally easy to fold up car seat has great padding as well as the strollerstands up when folded good cushioned handle barsI hope this helpssomeone out there. Its really hard to see features by pictures.Great product but not as advertisedThe description stated that this was a Snugride 30 which is what Iwanted for my granddaughter. But the car seat is not the 30 but theSnugride 22. I purchased this item on February 19th but didnt realizeuntil recently that I didnt receive the product that was advertised. Thestroller is great and folds quickly and only have to use one hand. Thecup holders are very handy as well. I looked at the current productdescription and its been changed to the Snugride 22. Amazon musthave realized the mistake and modified the listing which doesnt helpthose of us who purchased in late February.Beware: not a 30 lb car seat as advertised!After struggling for hours to figure out why the car seat would not fit inthe extra base we bought for the snugride 30/35 I finally stumbled uponanother review which stated that this car seat is actually the 22 lb carseat not the 30 lb car seat as advertised on all sites where this product is
  4. 4. sold! I doublechecked and the other reviewer was correct it is the 22 lbcar seat! Its unfortunate because I really liked the stroller. Its light andeasy to fold but I bought it specifically because of the 30 lb car seat and Iam very upset that it is not what was advertised.Love it!!The description stated that this was a snugride 30 which is what Iwanted for my son. I ordered this along with an extra base for the 30.When it came it didnt fit the extra base and I noticed it was a basicsnugride 22 which I didnt want. Im glad that I did not know beforehandbecause I would have missed out on a great seat! It is padded nicelyand very easy to install. His evenflo was so difficult to latch tight enough.The stroller folds quickly and one handed. It also rides very smooth. Ilove that it isnt as huge as other travel systems. The car seat can beadjusted from the front which is great for Ohio as in the winter he wearsheavier clothing.Read more Reviews