Baby trend expedition lx travel system, millennium by baby trend


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Baby trend expedition lx travel system, millennium by baby trend

  1. 1. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, MillenniumFeature Quick release all-terrain bicycle tires Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders and coveredcompartment storage Multi-position, reclining, padded seat Fully adjustable 5-point safety harness and tether strap Adjustable canopy with covered sunroof ratchets to block sun andwindHavent used yet, but....I bought this on another site for our baby due in August and even thoughwe havent used it yet I like the style and feel of the fabrics on thestroller/car seat. Doesnt feel too porous so hopefully will make for easyclean up when the time comes. I like the handle of the carseat its prettyeasy for even pregnant me to cary. My husband and I are both militaryand we need a jogging stroller for when I begin running again after babygets here.
  2. 2. So glad I chose this travel systemI chose it because it had good reviews and I liked the practicality of thedesign. Baby #1 is due in a couple of months yet so I cannot rate toomuch. However we just attended car seat installation class taught by astate trooper at our hospital. She was running behind and initiallyworried us because she heard we had a Baby Trend car seat and saidoh no thatll take me an hour! She was helping two other people aheadof us. When she finally came to our car and began to carefully lookthings over we were very relieved as she exclaimed this car seat base ismuch better than any other Baby Trend car seat base Ive seen. Theother ones are so narrow its hard to fit them in tightly. While our smallercar a Honda Insight doesnt accommodate LATCH in the center rearseat she showed us we are still able to put it there using the seatbelt onthe base and now its actually tighter than when we tried it with theLATCH system on the side.Front tire very unsafeI purchased this stroller for my first newborn daughter. Once we put herin it and pushed her down the road the tire was very unstable andshakes a lot. DONT BUY! Very unsafe!!! The carseat material feels verycheap as well.Great product!.Wonderful Walmart ItemI am sure this gift is exactly what someone is wanting but I could havesaved the almost $30 bucks & shipped sitetosite at Walmart like thesticker said.
  3. 3. Amazing stroller for the price!.Baby Trend Expedition Travel SystemBaby hasnt arrived yet so I havent used it but the set up was good andit seems like I will like it.awesomeLove the stroller. Rolls very nice. Can pop it up in a jeff and put it backdown with a breeze.Baby trend LX jogging travel system is worth itI am expecting our first in a few weeks and have spent countless hourswatching youtube videos and reading reviews online about differentjogging strollers and car seats. It had to be gender neutral I considerparent cup holders/key and cellphone tray and adequate storageunderneath to be a must. I got annoyed at the top of the line joggingstrollers that youd spend $$$ + on only to have to turn around andspend more $$ if you wanted these conveniences. Nope not for me. So Ikept looking.The particular color I purchased Millennium is very sharpand will work perfectly for either a boy or a girl. The cup holders are agood size the tray in between the parent cup holders forkeys/cellphone/etc. has a lid on it to snap down discreetly. The storagebasket is not huge but its not skimpy either somewhere in between. Itwill do its job well. One thing I was having a hard time finding out aboutmaybe just me was how tall it was. My husband and I are both hoveringaround 510 so I didnt want a stroller that we had to stoop to push evenslightly. No problems there I can stand upright and push it comfortably.
  4. 4. awesome stroller and carseati bought this for my bff she is a first time mommy and she loves it. Readmore Reviews