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As The Crow Flies Show


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As The Crow Flies Show

  1. 1. Episode Length: Half hour Show Type: Comedy - Drama Target Audience: 16 to Adult CONTENTS: CONTACT INFO: Synopsis MIKE LIBBY Future Episodes L. L. PRODUCTIONS Cast of Characters 902 HAZELWOOD CIRCLE Art BUFFALO, MN 55313 (763) 682-4551 MLIBBY1956@AOL.COM
  4. 4. Synopsis What happens when a retired Air Force pilot - thrill seeker, turned crop duster -unwittingly sprays three scarecrows to life with electrified pesticide? Well, he becomes the adoptive father of three of the toughest, strongest and perhaps, dumbest heroes ever. Their mission: to aid the voiceless, powerless, and exploited. With the help of a web-page and a dose of good ol' fashion vigilante justice, they protect those who can't find justice within the law. They right wrongs by all means necessary - even if their methods are, at times, questionable. They don't always wipe their feet at the door of truth and justice. The characters, Pitch, Haymaker, Sickle and the pilot, Franklin, are not your ordinary heroes. They can be surly, rude, crude and, sometimes, our only hope -provided Franklin can keep them focused and in line. These hay-stuffed heroes are too stupid to know fears, though, by all rights, they have much to be afraid of - animals and fire chief among them. We see this property as an hour long, action-packed (and at times) comical live action weekly series. This project could be easily adapted to the format of a movie or animated series. The following pages provide some of the possibilities of As the Crow Flies.
  6. 6. (Pilot Episode) WELCOME TO THE FAMILY In the fields of Iowa, a lone crop duster, Franklin Shields, ekes out his living dusting insecticides on local cornfields. Franklin, a retired Air Force fighter pilot, keeps largely to himself. One evening, a storm was brewing and he only had one more field to dust, and his work for the day was done. He ignored calls to land in an effort to finish his day's work. The storm developed quickly and, before the rain fell, Franklin's plane was struck by lightning. Though he was spraying a field, he decided to land his plane and have a go at it tomorrow. Unbeknownst to Franklin, the electrified spray caused something amazing to happen. The swath he was spraying as his plane was struck contained three scarecrows. The electrified spray changed these three hay-stuffed crow deterrents into the most unlikely of superheroes. They come to life and follow the scent of the pesticide back to Franklin's farm. This loner, former Air Force Pilot just became Daddy to three of the toughest, strongest, and perhaps dumbest heroes ever.
  7. 7. (Episode #2) CLEAR CUT John Law, Sam Langley and Brian White are forestry engineers for Wolf Paper Company. They are in charge of managing their company's clear cutting practices. Wolf owns one million acres of prime forest land in Northern Maine and its clear cutting habits are closely monitored by the Federal Government. For about a month Sam, John and Brian started noticing the clear cutting was hurling out of control and the orders for cutting were not coming from their office. Cutting was going on at too rapid a pace. On Monday morning Sam and Brian decided to notify corporate headquarters about the problem. If the government caught wind of Wolf Paper's cutting methods, they would be heavily fined and forced to shut down operations for a period of one year. This would result in a major loss of profits. Brian and Sam were booked on the corporate jet for an investigative look at the clear cut land Tuesday afternoon. It was 5:15 p.m. when the phone rang in John Law's office. The look on John's face was horrifying. Wednesdays Newspaper headlines read: "WOLF PAPER COMPANY CORPORATE JET MYSTERIOUSLY CRASHES - NO SURVIVORS.“
  8. 8. (Episode #2 Continued) CLEAR CUT A week after Sam and Brian's funeral, John continued to be extremely depressed. He was trying to stay busy doing some computer work so as to ease his painful loss. All of a sudden a message flashed across his computer screen that said, "Forget clear cutting issue or die!" John Law new right then and there that his life was in danger and all because of corporate greed. The police told John that his murder theory may be right but with no concrete proof there was nothing they could do. Law wasn't about to sit around and wait to be murdered by the greedy paper company. He went home and that night started surfing the internet for help. He stumbled upon a home page that read, "IS YOUR ASS UP AGAINST THE WALL? WE CAN HELP WHEN NO ONE ELSE CAN." The page was signed AS THE CROW FLIES. John sent a message describing his problem. A reply was quickly sent back. "It's time to do some corporate clear cutting. We'll be there within 12 hours.“ FrankLin Shields, Sickle, Haymaker and Pitch will unleash a lesson in vengeance that Wolf Paper Company executives will never forget. Paying the large fine and shutting down for a year doesn't sound so bad after all. THE END
  9. 9. (Episode #3) PUT ON A POT OF COFFEE A boy sits in a library in Colombia He types at his computer looking up all he can about poisons, chemicals and pesticides. He happens upon Franklin's homepage on the internet. He clicks the unusual link to as the crow flies. He reads about how Franklin and the three scarecrows will fly around the world to help those who feel like they have nowhere else to go. He writes them a letter explaining how his father, a small local coffee grower, became very ill and died suddenly. Now his grandmother is quite ill and the boy fears it's the result of the spraying the Colombian government is doing in their war on drugs. Government planes spray fields that contain cocoa plants, but their spray hits many areas other than the cocaine fields. The boy worries that his family's fields have been sprayed because of a neighborhood cartel family who grows fields of cocaine. The boy, Juan, sends an email to As the Crow Flies explaining his situation to them. The boy has nowhere else to turn - they are peasant farmers who would have to take on the Colombian government and the drug cartel. - To Be Continued On Next Page -
  11. 11. (Episode #3 Continued) PUT ON A POT OF COFFEE At Franklin's small, dusty farm, Sickle, Pitch and Haymaker are showing off for each other - jumping off silos, lifting the John Deere, and Pitch hits a horse who started eating his neck. Franklin comes out of the house with a piece of paper in his hand and finds Pitch and Haymaker trying to push Sickle into a trough of water. Franklin explains that he just got an email that they should look at. Sickle grabs at the piece of paper and pushes the other two away. A big fight ensues, and Franklin breaks it up and Sickle has the paper again. Remembering that he can't read, he returns the paper to Franklin. Franklin explains Juan's situation to them, and Pitch starts to cry, making his face contort from the water. Haymaker cuffs him on the back of the head. After a fair amount of discussion they decide to gas up Franklin's other plane, and head to Colombia. Trying to find a remote village in the rainforest is hard enough, but using the directions sent by an eleven year old makes it even harder. After much fighting, hiking and asking for directions in broken Spanish, they find Juan's village. The townspeople shrink back when they see these four emerge out of the forest. Juan, however, when he sees them, runs up to them and starts spouting off at them in Spanish. - To Be Continued in fourth Episode -
  12. 12. (Episode #4) COFFEE GONE BAD The five of them travel to Juan's grandmother's bedside and see that she is not doing well. She keeps repeating the same phrase over and over in Spanish, King's Bird, King's Bird, King's Bird. They ask Juan what it means, and he doesn't understand them, so Franklin writes it down to look up later. With many hand gestures, and broken phrases, the five of them start to understand each other and get an ides of what's going on. The family makes their living off selling coffee beans to Celestial Bills Coffee Company. They are the largest coffee company in America and quickly becoming the largest in Europe. The past few growing seasons have not yielded the volume of coffee beans Juan's family promised, and Celestial Bills has threatened to pull out of their contract. Due to the spraying, much of this year's crop has been destroyed, and not only is the family's health at risk, but their financial well being too. The local drug cartel is getting wind of the fact that Juan and his family are addressing the spraying issue. They are concerned that Juan might blow the whistle on their cocaine operation. The drug lords have been quite successful at keeping their actions a big secret. They will not tolerate any risk to their livelihood.
  13. 13. (Episode #4 Continued) COFFEE GONE BAD The remaining trees are contaminated with the pesticide. Juan's family does not know that there are contaminating agents in the beans, and is unaware that the beans are a health risk. As the Crow Flies will have to not only find a way to stop the Colombian government's spraying, but stop the shipment of beans to the United States. The three scarecrows roast some coffee beans and break up a meeting in Bogota of government officials and coffee executives. Sickle, busts in the room and using his Phrase-book Spanish; explains to the officials and executives that they should make a pot of coffee with these beans. (Now it is important to know that breaking up a meeting of the Colombian government involved fighting their way through one hundred Colombian troops.) Sickle brews the coffee on the spot and demands that they drink it. The captive audience is reluctant to drink the coffee and the three scarecrows move in on them. They break under pressure after Sickle dangles two of the Colombian officials out the window, from the 24™ floor, by their ankles. The group agrees to find another way to combat the drug cartels. A top government official agrees to call the transport company shipping the coffee beans and demands their return to Colombia. Celestial Bills threatens to kill the contract, but does not under pressure from the Colombian and US government. .
  14. 14. (Episode #4 Continued) COFFEE GONE BAD As the foursome returns to the plane in the field near Juan's house, Sickle sees this beautiful scarecrow off in the field. He falls madly in love, and the others have a hard time getting him in the plane. Haymaker, frustrated by this point, high on a caffeine rush, picks up Sickle and throws him in the plane and the four take off into the sunset. THE END
  15. 15. PERSONALTY: • Franklin Shields is the leader of the group and extremely intelligent. He thrives on danger and claims it gives him an adrenaline rush. Shields consider the three scarecrows his sons. Because of his hatred for losing, he will do almost anything not to. His philosophy in life is to help the underdog. FRANKLIN The biggest mistake Franklin's enemies can make is to underestimate him. ABILITIES: • Retired fighter pilot and specialty in low- level flying • Computer expert with emphasis on the Internet FAULTS: • Quick temper • Overly protective of the scarecrows • Could possess a little more fear
  16. 16. PERSONALITY: PITCH Pitch is best described as a risk taker. His motto is act first and ask questions later. He is very motivated and keeps everybody up even in the most dreariest of situations. This Scarecrow has a good sense of humor and loves knock-knock jokes. Old Pitch is always willing to try anything once. This causes Franklin to worry more about him than the other two. ABILITIES: * Jumps from a plane without a parachute. * Can throw the Pitchfork 100 yards with pin point accuracy * Has the agility of a gymnast. An incredible tumbler. * Bullets, spears and knives pass through him without harm. FAULTS: * Tells too many knock-knock jokes. * Lousy student pilot.
  17. 17. PERSONALITY: A good word for this chap is arrogant. Sickle is extremely confident and rarely questions himself. He is also a perfectionist and sometimes drives the group SICKLE nuts with this personality trait. He always wants things his way and often gets mad when he has to compromise. A very skilled fighter and someone you definitely want on your side describes Sickle. ABILITIES: * Like the other two Scarecrows, bullets, spears and knives have no effect on him. * Very skilled with the sickle and uses it like a boomerang. * Jumps out of a plane without a parachute and is by far the most skilled air glider of the three Scarecrows. FAULTS: * Doesn’t think he has any. * Tries to take over Franklin’s position as a leader.
  18. 18. PERSONALITY: He is the quietest member of the group. Haymaker is very serious and does not have much of a sense of humor. This fellow always manages to come up with the right answer when hope or success looks bleak. When a volunteer is needed for a dangerous situation, Haymaker is always the first to step forward. The group HAYMAKER jokes and calls him Stealth, (quiet but deadly). He relaxes by working on Franklin's plane. ABILITIES: * Jumps out of a plane without a parachute. * Very mechanically inclined * Master of the pick-pole. * Bullets, spears and knives pass through him. FAULTS: * Should be a little more outspoken * Often misunderstood. * Occasionally gets airsick.