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P10 syllabus statements


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P10 syllabus statements

  1. 1. 02/06/14 P10 Sound Syllabus statements
  2. 2. P10 Sound 1. Describe the production of sound by vibrating sources. 2. Describe transmission of sound in air in terms of compressions and rarefactions. 3. State the approximate human range of audible frequencies.
  3. 3. P10 Sound 4. Demonstrate understanding that a medium is needed to transmit sound waves. 5. Describe and interpret an experiment to determine the speed of sound in air. 6. State the order of magnitude of the speed of sound in air, liquids and solids.
  4. 4. P10 Sound 7. Relate the loudness and pitch of sound waves to amplitude and frequency. 8. Describe how the reflection of sound may produce an echo.