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P1 syllabus statements


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P1 syllabus statements

  1. 1. 02/06/14 P1 Motion Syllabus statements
  2. 2. P1 Motion 1. Define speed & calculate speed from total time ÷ total distance. 2. Distinguish between speed and velocity. 3. Plot and interpret a speed / time graph and a distance / time graph.
  3. 3. P1 Motion 4. Recognise from the shape of a speed / time graph when a body is: •at rest, •moving with constant speed, •moving with changing speed. 5. Recognise linear motion for which the acceleration is constant and calculate the acceleration.
  4. 4. P1 Motion 6. Recognise motion for which the acceleration is not constant. 7. Calculate the area under a speed / time graph to work out the distance travelled for motion with constant acceleration. 8. Demonstrate a qualitative understanding that acceleration is related to changing speed.