Stephen Stokols @ FOWA Feb 07


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Stephen Stokols of BT speaking at Future of Web Apps in London, February 2007.

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Stephen Stokols @ FOWA Feb 07

  1. 1. Online Communications Stephen Stokols VP, Strategy & Business Development BT Retail © copyright of British Telecommunications plc 2006
  2. 2. Four online trends driving shift in the telecoms arena Traditional industry lines being blurred: online 1. companies expanding rapidly into telecommunication (e.g. Yahoo Voice, AOL, etc.) Use of real-time PC based communications has ν exploded and will “cross the chasm” to masses within chasm” year P2P technology proliferating – may pose significant 2. cost pressures on the network sides, but opportunities to those telecoms that embrace it Advertising is a viable mechanism to fund “free 3. models” – user experience becomes even more paramount when pricing is not a lever to compete Free voice is a given online – the competitive ν battleground moves to the premium services offered on top of it 1:1 voice communication no longer sufficient as we 4. move to 1:many collaboration
  3. 3. These trends point to deeper structural shifts for telecommunication companies… “The prevailing technology trends point to a new reality in which communications move from network based to software based. In this new world, Telecoms need to transition fast or risk viability.” - Al-Noor Ramji, BT Group CIO
  4. 4. Progressive telecoms need to embrace the shifting landscape and turning threats into opportunities Masses are transitioning towards multiple online communication BT does not yet have a tools: significant position in any of them but opportunity window exists still Most “mass customers” have yet to ν migrate majority of comms online leaving window for BT to facilitate VoIP migration ν32 billion minutes of calls made in 2006 over Skype ($66m in Q406 revenues) Only a telecom can bridge the gap ν ν20% of IM users report using VoIP between online and offline features regularly communications with seamless νOver 25 new software based VOIP integration across both platforms clients launched in last 2 years BT has brand recognition in ν Instant Messaging communications space that may transfer into online arena νOver 12 billion IM’s sent each day (2006) νOver 300 million regular worldwide users ν38% of users send more IMs than email
  5. 5. BT Contact allows customers to communicate online from one function-rich location BT Contact: Your personal communications hub! The best web tool for finding & ν managing contacts, and for communicating Free to all users, not just BT ν customers The anchor tenant for online comms, ν attracting millions of users, BT customers as well as non BT customers Integrates a number of other services ν (Skype, Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL) under a unified experience Build around existing user ν preferences © copyright of British Telecommunications plc 2006
  6. 6. THANK YOU