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Carsonified TeamCarsonified
Creating & Running Communities  Matthew Haughey
Social is at the heart of today’s web
Any site/app you create should include a social component
The potential for disaster is big .
A successful community is great for everyone involved
The lifespan of a community
Let’s talk about how to build and run a successful community
Be a Third Place
Just add water, right?
Have a compelling idea
Build the best app you can
Eat your own dogfood
Highlight the best
Award contributions
Recognition helps readers too
Moderators: your best contributors
Get out of the way
Build in Flexibility
Allow unintended uses
Build out based on the edges
Run it well.
Guidelines, not rules
Emotions out of decisions
Tailor to community norms
It’s a balancing act
Ownership issues
Ephemeral happiness
Every Community suffers a revolt eventually
Customer service
You’ll spend more time on customer service than coding
Hire others if you can, early
Metrics can ease the workload
Ways to avert disaster
Be transparent
Have a place to talk about the site and/or app
Collaborative efforts for new features
Explain changes. Over-explain.
Acknowledge mistakes
Legal troubles
What’s illegal, and where?
LLC, TOS, PP, DMCA, etc.
Lawsuit  threats  are many, lawsuits are few
What’s stopping your site/app from building out a community?
Any site/app you create should include a social component
Find your balance and run your community on an even keel
A successful community can please readers  and  creators alike
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Matt Haughey Fowa Oct07

Editor's Notes

  1. Thanks for being here! I’m glad to be here and want to thank Carsonified for having me. Today I want to cover creating and maintaining a community and the things you’ll have to watch for along the way. I’m probably like a lot of people here in the crowd today, I started out as single developer building my own multi-user app, it turned into a bustling community and eventually became business. If you’re launching your own social app, my hope is that you can take these lessons and avoid all the mistakes because your competitors will make them and it will give you a leg up.