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David Heinemeir Hanson - FOWA Dublin 2009

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  • Pessimist monopoly on reality with gloom, doom
    Paradoxes: Meetings vs 4-day work weeks
    Nothing can ever improve, nothing can ever change
    Preys on your worst fears and insecurities: “People won’t get that”
  • Nothing I ever worked on would have worked in the real world
    Obstacles, barriers, impossibilities
  • 1 guy learning ruby
    you NEED 2p commit, thread safety, sales people with sirloins and lap dances
    game over, php + java already won (make the best of it)
    What the hell kind of name is “Ruby on Rails” anyway?
  • Multi-million dollar business from a 3p team working spare time
    Should have died long ago but just celebrated its 5 yr birthday
  • Because that's how the real world works. It's full of big scary paper dragons that you supposedly just can't fight. Might as well just give up in advance and don't try anything.
  • Some big bully should have swept in and grabbed our candy
    Google, Microsoft, others coexist
  • No big functional specs, road maps, business plans, or long-term projections
    \"where we were going to be in 5 years\"
    Most people don't know what the hell they're doing most of the time anyway, plans don’t change that
  • To features, to customer segments, even to some customers
    If he wants bananas in his lasagna, you're a foolish, arrogant prick of a chef
  • 100K readers now, think we got there because people just couldn't resist my deliciously swirly hair? 2K readers in ’04 (5!! years after launching the blog)
  • Everyone is dummy and only the blessed few can actually do anything. Bullshit.
    rockstar environment = trust, freedom, little work that nobody wants to do
    The real world thinks that everyone is a liar, a thief, and a crook
    Acquisitions turns rock stars into roadies
  • CHOOSE to make our stuff simple, PM + CRM often very complex
    Every domain has a simple angle. It's your job to find it and exploit
    Only so many air traffic control systems or missile trajectory calculators
  • So the next time someone shoots down your idea with \"that's great, but it wouldn't work in the real work\", it's your moral duty to prove them the hell wrong!
  • Wooooohoooo - \"Screw Kansas, I'm Going to Hollywood!\"
    Bipolar disorder, Doing a Startup is the hypomania
  • \"Doing a startup\" is such a cop out, it’s a game, cops and robbers
    Distracts you from the simplicity of: price * customers = profit
    Has become a toxic word in my mind, like web 2.0 and enterprise
  • Such liberating constraints: Income, expenses, customers (not users)
  • Micro-volunteering, crowd-sourcing, social-media cross between Flickr and Facebook for puppies
  • Pre-roll ads? Ruby on Rails? Blah, blah
  • Sticking to it: 37signals 10 yrs, Rails 6, Basecamp 5
    Last man standing
  • Don’t expect to fail, don’t set out to be a serial entrepeneur
    Think about “what’s your life’s work”
    Get rich slowly (most investments bear fruit from compound interest, not spikes)

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