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Hardware is Hard - Products are Hard Melbourne 2013


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Hardware is Hard - the story of bringing Holiday to life

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Hardware is Hard - Products are Hard Melbourne 2013

  1. 1. Hardware is Hard A story about bringing Holiday, intelligent connected lighting, to life… Kate Carruthers Oct 2013
  2. 2. Products are hard Even with the resources of a big organisation behind a new product, it’s still hard
  3. 3. Startups are hard too Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee Research
  4. 4. Year 1 25% fail “Knowledge is a terrible burden. It may help you, but it might also destroy you.” - James Patterson Year 2 36% fail Year 3 44% fail
  5. 5. Hardware Team •  More moving parts •  Needs diverse skills •  Requires longer lead times Dan
 Lynch Kean
 Maizels Mark
 Pesce Kate
 Carruthers Robert
 Tiller Paul
  6. 6. Formed September 2012, Incorporated February 2013 ‘Internet-of-Things’ hardware, apps and services Initial design, ‘Light’, received huge response in press
  7. 7. Research revealed product design with a much stronger consumer response March 2013 refocus to bring new product to market Holiday lighting $10B/year global market MooresCloud seeks to capture 1% of market within 5 years Design concept - February 2013
  8. 8. The devil is in the details…
  9. 9. World’s first programmable, interactive LED fairy lights 50 Independently-addressable LEDs,16M colours, 7m string Embedded LINUX computer, WiFi & Internet Endless variations of colour, pattern and animation Controlled by buttons, smartphone, tablet, PC or Internet Unique Web-based interface works across all devices
  10. 10. HOLIDAY Manufacturing prototype - May 2013
  11. 11. HOLIDAY Web Apps - Sept 2013
  12. 12. Published 22 September Orders doubled overnight! Many buyers in US & EU Articles in other magazines forthcoming.
  13. 13. The first 3rd-party app developers for Holiday by MooresCloud, Hobart s Secret Lab have written a app for iOS that transforms any song in an iTunes library into a festival of light and colour and animation! MooresCloud has worked closely with Secret Lab to make their app beautiful, responsive and absolutely engaging, the first of many apps we will create in partnership with developers.
  14. 14. Products happen at the intersection of culture, team, and creativity
  15. 15. Design is key and is enabled by critical conversations
  16. 16. Parallel streams Front end development Industrial design Back end development Hardware design Software engineering Hardware engineering Operations management Manufacturing Sales Legal and compliance Marketing Certification Testing Logistics
  17. 17. Key Ingredients Solid team Mission clarity Everyone contributes – no freeloaders Skilled and well-aligned partners Source:
  18. 18. Key Ingredients Focus: Business goals Customer needs Role clarity Scope exclusions Quality standards Shipping product Source:
  19. 19. Kate Carruthers @MooresCloud