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Gathering11 - envisioning change


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some thoughts on making change

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Gathering11 - envisioning change

  1. 1. Envisioning Constructing pathways toward better futures Kate Carruthers
  2. 2. As above so below As within so without
  3. 3. “All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small.” Lao Tzu
  4. 4. “History consists of a series of accumulated imaginative inventions.” Voltaire
  5. 5. “A system is a network of interdependent components that work together to try to accomplish the aim of the system. A system must have an aim. Without the aim, there is no system.” W.E.Deming
  6. 6. It starts with us
  7. 7. It starts with us