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Banishing the 8 Hour Work Day - Parkinsons Law - - This mastermind call analyzes the outdated concept of the 8 hour work day and presents some steps you can take to regain your time and work less by getting more done.

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Banishing the 8 Hour Work Day - Parkinsons Law -

  1. 1. Presents... Carrot Mastermind
  2. 2. As Soon As You Have Questions Write Them Down...
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  4. 4. About Me Trevor Mauch Founder of InvestorCarrot Investor and Entrepreneur Fancy Stats: Generated over 80,000 real estate leads online Passive real estate investor since 2004. Passionate about entrepreneurs & created an 8,000sq ft “entrepreneur co workspace” in Roseburg Love traveling, mountain biking, and hanging out with my beautiful wife and kids
  5. 5. Banishing The 8 Hour Work Day
  6. 6. How Did It All Start? Industrial Revolution
  7. 7. Then Someone Stood Up... In the 1800‘s Robert Owen bravely stood up and said...
  8. 8. Which started the 8 hour work day
  9. 9. It was a great move for the workers at the time... ...but looking now.. It’s purely a century old norm for running factories most efficiently.
  10. 10. The Current Economy... No Longer Factory Driven In The US
  11. 11. Harvard “Work / Happiness” Study
  12. 12. The U.S. isn’t even in the top 100 happiest nations on in the world!
  13. 13. Then I Saw Amazon Natives...
  14. 14. It’s Not In Our Nature To Slave Away For 30%+ Of Our Lives... So Why Do We?
  15. 15. Enter Parkinsons Law: In 1955 Cyril N. Parkinson wrote in an issue of the Economist... "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion"
  16. 16. In Other Words... If you give yourself 9-5 to “work” on a set of tasks... ... it’ll take you 8 hours to get it done.
  17. 17. Using Parkinson’s Law To Your Advantage...
  18. 18. First... You need to question why you work the certain times during the day that you do. What makes you mentally pick “8 hours”?
  19. 19. Second... Pick a different number of hours (ideally fewer) that you’d rather work during the day. And start with working that many hours for 2 days a week.
  20. 20. Third... (the key) Write down 5-10 things you’d do with those extra hours during the day. (in my mind, this is the key. Here’s why...)
  21. 21. What Can You Do With That Extra Time? More time with family More time for hobbies Reading great books Volunteering at a charity Writing on stuff you’re passionate about Working on your “big idea” More creative time away from the “weeds” Mentoring Get active and work out
  22. 22. Live Your Life.On your own terms.
  23. 23. Open Q&A: Hit Me With Your Questions
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