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Carr nmdl lou has


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Carr nmdl lou has

  1. 1. Lou & Harry’s Social Marketing Plan By: Katie Carr
  2. 2. Lou & Harry’s as a Company
  3. 3. Lou & Harry’s Has 3 Locations ? …a look at their website PROBLEM
  4. 4. Current Social Media Efforts X X This is It!?
  5. 5. What They Should Be Doing In This Photo: @louandharrys #louandharrys #ELsbestbar Fare at Lou & Harry’s Bar and Grill
  6. 6. Other Options ? …going mobile No Lines! No Cover! Free Shuttle All Night!
  7. 7. The (Obvious) Competitors US THEM
  8. 8. Timing …the long and short of it
  9. 9. Cha-Ching? …are we saving or spending?
  10. 10. Assessing the Situation S A L E S C U S T O M E R S