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Descripció escola - Comenius

Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. CARRILETOur school is Carrilet. We opened the doors in 1999.There are boys and girls from three to twelve years old. In total, we are 414 students. We arenice and our teachers are kind and friendly.There are eighteen classes; four playgrounds, a dining room, a gym, a music class, three Englishclasses, a library, an art and craft class and a “welcome class”.We are singing during the music lesson.We are in “Welcome class”. We are doing Arts and Crafts.
  2. 2. We are playing “Pica Paret” (a traditional game) during Physical Education.We are running and doing English.We are reading in the library.
  3. 3. We are in class.We are playing in the “sand” playground.We are playing basketball in the court. We are running in the “tree” playground.
  4. 4. We are having lunch in the School canteen.Our Comenius workshop!Carrilet has 110 steps!We are a “green school”. Therefore we use boxes to keep the breakfast instead of foil paper;we recycle; and we have a vegetable garden which is looked after by a grandfather.
  5. 5. Our school is in Palafrugell, a big town in Baix Empordà, Girona.We can go to the beach in Tamariu, LLafranc and Calella, which are very closed.Tamariu Calella de Palafrugell
  6. 6. LlafrancThere are around 22.622 inhabitants.We like to eat tomato toast, black rice, sea urchins and our traditional dish is “El niu” (thenest), which is made of fish, meat, potatoes, onions and eggs. Sea urchins “El niu”We speak Catalan and Spanish.All the students in the school like playing football, studying English, playing music and going toholiday camps. We also like reading. From 5 pm to 6pm we can do some of these activities.We study Les Gavarres, a group of mountains that we can see from Palafrugell.
  7. 7. We do theatre. In third grade we are practicing a horror and funny play. Meanwhile, in sixthgrade they are preparing films.We also do workshops and radio. It is called radio “Xiulet”. We explain all the school’s newsand people from town can listen to the program three times per year. sing different songs along the year as Pentagrama, El follet valent, Les notes and Lacastanyera rockera.We celebrate Sant Jordi. Girls give books to boys and boys give roses to girls. During that day,everybody reads books.We also celebrate Christmas, Carnival, la Castanyada and the Day of Peace. In Christmas wemeet our family and we eat grapes and “torrons”. TorronsFinally, Carrilet recommend you to visit: Les Gavarres, our market, Plaça de Can Mario, PlaçaNova, Via Verda, the swimming pool and the beaches. By third graders