100 Days Of Absolute Radio


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100 Days Of Absolute Radio

  1. 1. Within this presentation…. • 15 Weeks not 15 years • Challenges we have faced • What’s next?
  2. 2. Just a few numbers…
  3. 3. PR to a combined global circulation of 341m
  4. 4. After 15 weeks, not 15 years…
  5. 5. In ‘active’ terms Absolute overtook Virgin late September Search Traffic 80 Percentage of total search traffic 60 “absolute” 40 “virgin” 20 0 4 11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 Aug Aug Aug Aug Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Source: Google Analytics
  6. 6. Site visits are rising Average daily site visits Quarterly average daily visits 40,000 Launch marketing 35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Q2 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 2008 Source: Google Analytics
  7. 7. Our music policy is clear
  8. 8. We are in pole position in London
  9. 9. We know we are playing more music Source Neilson
  10. 10. And doing more live… Zoo Sessions Interviews The Coral Kings of Leon Iglu and Hartley Simon Pegg The Kooks Noel Gallagher The Ting Tings Travis Seasick Steve Giles Martin Billy Bragg Kaiser Chiefs Coldplay The Ting Tings (Archive Session) Grace Jones Delays Tom Jones Jon Allen Stereophonics Jersey Budd Adam Ant The Fray Slash Travis Tom from Keane The Rifles Snow Patrol Paul Weller Ricky Gervais Kings of Leon AC/DC (not Zoo – Status Quo from Birmingham Seasick Steve NIA) Billy Bragg Jason Mraz Simple Minds Kitty, Daisy Paul McCartney and Lewis Blur Starsailor Starsailor
  11. 11. Involvement is up • VIP sign-ups now over 500,000 • Over 600,000 podcast downloads since launch • Streaming has increased steadily since launch – now up to 20,000 daily Plus our initiatives • Open playlist meetings • OGS.com Source : internal log files
  12. 12. Time spent on our website dwarfs competitors Average time spent on site 00:50:24 Average length of visit (min) 00:43:12 00:36:00 00:28:48 00:21:36 00:14:24 00:07:12 00:00:00 Absolute Magic Galaxy Planet talkSPORT Whatson Classic FM Heart FM XFM Capital Radio 105.4 Radio Rock Radio Online Radio Source comscore
  13. 13. Rock Off exceeded expectations 31 forums debated – 26 participated c.50,000 votes c.10,000 posts 75% uplift in buzz nearly 10% of web traffic c.143,000 new users We created The Rock-Off: a competition to define the ultimate playlist of all time. A competition which would play on the competitive spirit of the forums and their passion for music. Each band forum would create its ultimate playlist which would be pitted against the playlists of rival forums and subjected to the raw scrutiny of a public vote. The forum to emerge victorious would won their own radio show broadcast live on Absolute Radio on Christmas Eve 2008.
  14. 14. Seeing strong marketing results Thinking of radio stations, have you heard of Absolute Radio? 28.2% 12.4% Pre Post ‘Yes’ response (%) Base: All respondents - Other Lines
  15. 15. Especially in London... Is full of Energy... I’ recommend… A station I’d recommend… Top % agree (8,9,10) Top % agree (8,9,10) 22.6% 29.0% 16.7% 19.5% 12.8% 15.3% 15.1% 8.5% Pre Post Pre non- Post non- Pre Post Pre non- Post non- London London London London London London London London Base: All respondents - Other Lines
  16. 16. TV beating benchmarks To put the ad recall into context we have used benchmarking data from similar research projects we have conducted. The average figure is taken from 11 research projects. Each project involved a media owner advertising their own radio station on TV. In some cases story board prompts were used, or in others the TV ad was played to respondents to aid recall. 54.7% 42.7% Absolute Radio - Post Average Base: All respondents
  17. 17. Already getting cut through
  18. 18. Listeners say we are improving… Base: Listened to Absolute or Virgin Radio in the past week
  19. 19. …but the journey has only just begun
  20. 20. The ‘name game’ is tough Base: Aware of Virgin or Absolute
  21. 21. The listening is there – just sometimes mis-attributed
  22. 22. Remember – there was no time to use the Virgin Radio brand name beyond 90 days after acquisition.
  23. 23. And we live by RAJAR rules 1st Absolute labeled diaries placed Sept 14th Name changed Sept 29th
  24. 24. The card must ‘conform’ And there are up to 60 cards for each respondent to look at – choose – then sticker the diary
  25. 25. And our card does conform but is complex …By name …By platform …By FM/AM
  26. 26. RAJAR Thursday 29th January • Six months of data (3mths Virgin/3mths Absolute) • We have planned for churn in listening – more so in reach than in hours
  27. 27. We know we are on track Weekly music research Harris Mthly VIPs RAJAR IPSOS Wkly Other Lines Ad Tracking KPI’ KPI’s Edison Brand Work re- IPSOS Rajar re-contact
  28. 28. So… onwards 2009 and beyond
  29. 29. Our ambition remains… “Create an international music and entertainment brand with core” audio at its core”
  30. 30. Targeting growth via 30+ men Strong volume potential Builds on perceived strengths Differentiates vs Commercial Radio Be known for something 30- …30-45 men c.2,573,000 Source TGI
  31. 31. And of course – more of the good stuff
  32. 32. Believe your own ears