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Working your business day to day


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Working your Young Living Business Day to Day

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Working your business day to day

  1. 1. WORKING YOUR BUSINESS DAY TO DAY Presented by Carrie Livelli
  2. 2. KNOW YOUR “WHY”! oWhat is your driving force that will carry you through the difficult times? o setting/ oMake sure your sponsor or supporting upline knows your “why”
  3. 3. THIS IS A PART TIME JOB oYou need to work part time, not part of the time oSchedule specific time to work on your business
  4. 4. WHAT ARE YOUR FIVE? 1. Prayer 2. Read 3. Post 4. Connect 5. Use
  5. 5. PRAYER oThank God for the blessings that you have oThank Him for your Upline and your downline oPray for your downline oAsk God daily for the opportunity to meet and bless someone with His
  6. 6. READ o“Readers are Leaders and Learners are Earners!” oAlways be working towards improving yourself as a leader- learn to lead oYour downline is looking to you for guidance and to lead by example oLeadership Books oReference Books oMedical articles
  7. 7. POST oUtilize social media to help your business oDon’t post & run! Make it fun! oShow how you incorporate Young Living into your everyday life oDon’t make it salesy
  8. 8. CONNECT oConnect with someone who has shown interest oConnect with your members of your downline oLearn what each business builder’s “why” is oDo something to interact with your team daily oYou can’t motivate what you don’t cultivate oConnect with your upline oLet them know where you are struggling or need help
  9. 9. USE oUse your products everyday! oIf you aren’t using the products everyday, how can you tell people how awesome they are?! oUsing helps create knowledge oParticipate in ER and monthly promos