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Win Huge Jackpot Slots at Slotland – Slots Jackpot – Free Bonus


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The Progressive jackpot slots at Slotland is nothing like the usual jackpot slots you find at other casinos. It is not just connected to any one set of slot games which in the classic progressive jackpot slots form feed one particular jackpot or a set of jackpots. The unique jackpot slots at Slotland are fed by all of the video-poker, slot-based, and card-based games that you play at this amazing casino, with different caveats for different games. The game repertoire at Slotland is huge and there are a variety of different slot, card and video-poker type of games that you can play here and get a chance to play the slots jackpot. The large number of games available here and the fact that the Slotland jackpot slots are connected to all the games helps in increasing the chances and frequency of wins.

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Win Huge Jackpot Slots at Slotland – Slots Jackpot – Free Bonus

  1. 1. June 29, 2017
  2. 2. Steve R. recently turned a $200 deposit into a withdrawal of $3,000 after playing Olympus and Neon Reels on his mobile over the space of a couple of hours at Slotland.
  3. 3.  Only a few weeks later, John H, made another HUGE win on Lucky Ducts for $20,160!
  4. 4. When she heard a scream from the next room, a Slotland jackpot winner's wife feared for the worst. When she saw the $223,167 jackpot win on her husband's computer screen she started screaming herself. Her husband had won nearly a quarter million dollars playing their Air Mail slot game.
  5. 5. October 15, 2015
  6. 6. So how do you pick a winner? Choosing which progressive jackpot to play is really not all that complicated. Once you know what the progressive jackpot starts at, what its highest payout was and what its average payout amount is. Obviously once the jackpot in question is higher than it's historical average the chances of it paying out are greatly increased, and if it goes higher than its previous highest payout your chances are further increased again. So if you are chasing the biggest jackpots don't play the games just after the jackpot has been won. Instead wait until after that games historical average payout has been passed for the best chance of winning big.
  7. 7. Slotland is different. Most of their one-of-a-kind slot games are tied into ONE progressive jackpot. On average it has paid $158,158 per win and is won every 15 weeks. This is a popular casino with many popular games, which explains why it’s jackpot is won so frequently and why it is often for a sizeable amount. Each and every game at Slotland has a chance at winning the progressive jackpot.
  8. 8. For A FREE BONUS To Try Your Luck At Winning The Slotland Casino JACKPOT Click The Link Below CLICK HERE FOR FREE BONUS