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  1. 1. Unit 4: creative media productionmanagement project (FMP)
  2. 2. Use original DaftPunk Text,This text is wellknown for them,therefore peopleknow who it is.Background to bedark, thereforemaking the fontstand out.Bright neon colours,bringing out the‘Electro’ style For my fist idea Iwant to stick to thetheme Daft Punkseem to have.This will be a goodselling pointDue to the fact fanswould recognise itand knew howgood the previousalbum was.DIGI PACK#1The albums artwork andstyle maybe seen asquite redundant in thedance/house genrebecause many bandsand duos have thesekind of styles because itfits with their music.Use lyricsandinterviewsfor the 8pagebooklet.
  3. 3. #2Create my own font,using the main aspectsfrom the originalUse already takenphotos of the pairand manipulatethem ( of coarsewith their helmetson)Still use a darkbackgroundwith brightneon coloursto bring in andenhance the‘techno’ style.For this idea I want the albumto still consist of the samecolours, on the other handthis time I want to includephotos of the pair,manipulating them myself,using photoshop.Use lyrics andinterviews for the8 page booklet.
  4. 4. Justification.Both of My ideas still have the consistent style of which Daft Punk go by, the darkbackgrounds and neon colours. The main difference between the both is my secondidea containing manipulated images of the pair and my first being moregraphical, using patterns.I have chosen my second idea for my final outcome, reasons being that I am morethan capable of using Photoshop, this being one of my strongest skills. Using photosthat are already taken of the pair, I will use Photoshop to manipulate them. Furthmore I will design my own font but stick to their original style. This will still attract thefans. Using bright neon colours like they have in their previous album will enhance the‘techno/electro’ theme.Daft Punk have previously used photos of themselves, always wearing helmets, as thisis what their persona is . I will use classic photos of them and manipulate them tomake them more up to date, This leading to fans recognising the photos there forbuying the album.I wanted to go for my second idea over my first due to my first being to similar to thelast album they released, although I will still stick to the neon themed idea.
  5. 5. Mock up• My idea consists of Daft Punks old and morerelevant artwork. Using a dark background withneon colours. For my front cover I want to use anold photo, more of a classic, and manipulate it toput a more modern twist on it. Keeping the samestyle font Daft Punk use in previous albumartwork and again maybe put a modern twist onit. Carrying on this style in to digi pack and 8 pagebooklet, using a dark background and neoncolours. This will empathise the ‘techno/electro’feel. Furth more using previous themes willattract old fans.
  6. 6. Peer FeedbackPeer Feed BackEleanor-18-girl• What is your overall opinion on my idea?I liked it, I think your idea goes well with the choice of artist.•• What would you do differently, how can I improve?I would use your own photos.•• What do you think the best aspect of my idea is?The colour scheme and style is a good aspect, it’s consistent.•• Tom-18-male• What is your overall opinion on my idea?The idea is alright.• What would you do differently, how can I improve?I wouldn’t use the same colours as previous albums, I would change it up abit.• What do you think the best aspect of my idea is?Using the old photos is a cool idea, makes it more iconic
  7. 7. • Mik-17-male• What is your overall opinion on my idea?I really like you I think you planned it out well.• What would you do differently, how can I improve?You could make the Artist name more central on the album cover in order to draw attention.• What do you think the best aspect of my idea is?I like the way you are using old classic photos, this has rarely been done before.• Lucy-17-female• What is your overall opinion on my idea?I love it! I think it ties in with Daft Punks original material and can help fans reconnect to their old stuffas well.• What would you do differently, how can I improve?I don’t think you’ve mentioned the album title• What do you think the best aspect of my idea is?The mood boards and the mock up show me how detailed you have gone into this project, I know whyyou are doing certain things.
  8. 8. Analyse after feedback.• I think I will keep my idea pretty much thesame as my mock up. Although one thing I willchange is the fact I don’t have the title of thealbum on the front cover, I will use a differentstyle of font of which I used for the artistsname. This bringing on the more current vibeinto it.
  9. 9. Audience ResearchAge?• Previous Albums have a wide range whentalking about their target audience, I wouldsay 15-30 year olds take interest in theirmusic. Due to Daft Punk being around for agood 15 years, their music can still sparkinterest in their original fans but also tie in thenew ones.
  10. 10. • Gender?Electro/dance music appeals to both male and females,this including Daft Punk.Although Daft Punks image are a big part of their act, sexappeal doesn’t have much to do with it, this is becausethey always have Helmets on when performing or inpublic. As their helmets include lights and technology thiscan appeal to males, in the interest of computers andtechnology.Overall I don’t think Daft Punk have a specific target sex,they offer both sides to enjoy their music.
  11. 11. Socio-economic• Using the Socio-economic grouping system, I think DaftPunk appeal to most of the bands. I wouldn’tnecessarily they targeted one in particular, I don’tbelieve they appeal to the higher band ( group A). Thereason being that electro/dance music is not oftenassociated with top bankers, lawyers and other highlysalaried professionals. Daft Punks genre can appeal toboth men and women what ever their work status.Using Daft Punks previous album covers, they use theirname to stand out, using their own styled font, whichmost people would know who it was, they go for thebasic.
  12. 12. CompetitorsAs shown on this website, Daft Punk have a range of competitors in their genre ofmusic. Although Daft Punk are a well known band, they have come across manynew artists who share the same fan base. Daft Punk have been around for manyyears therefore their fan base is on a larger scale then most, saying that many newartists have top the charts e.g. Skrillex and David Guetta. This being the case, DaftPunk have to come up with new and exciting material in order for their fan base tokeep listening and supporting them.
  13. 13. In order to promote their new single, and keep up with competitorsthey have advertised and ‘teased’ the listeners‘The campaign for Daft Punks forthcoming album Random AccessMemories has been a master class in teasing. Unfolding like thevarious levels of a promotional campaign for a blockbuster film –including gigantic billboard posters, TV trailers and behind-the-scenes featurettes – it has repositioned the duo as an event bandfollowing 2005s disappointing (and low-selling) Human After Alland 2010s underwhelming Tron soundtrack.’• http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2013/apr/19/daft-punk-get-lucky-pharrell-williams-review
  14. 14. Materials and skillsIn order to complete my Digi pack I will have to use manyphotos that have already been taken/ drawn of Daft Punk.After collecting my photos I will have to manipulate them,in order to do this I will be using Photoshop cs5 (provided by the college).In order to make my covers to atop standard I will have to brush up on my Photoshop skills,to do this I will have to read up on the guide. I will also becollecting interviews and reviews of the internet to goinside my 8 page booklet. Once Ive finished design mypages, I will then create a template for my digi pack, I willdo this on Indesign. Saying that Indesign is not a program Iam to familiar with, in order to make my final product to aprofessional standard I will have to learn how to useIndesign by doing my research and using the guide.
  15. 15. Production management requirements• Time management is the most importantthing I have to remember whilst doing thisproject. In previous projects I havent handledmy time well. There for I will have a set diaryand try to stick to it.
  16. 16. • Researching into producttechniques I have founda website which containdigi packs (vhttp://www.discmakers.com/templates/Digipaks.asp) , although I wont beusing them, it gives me agood idea on how theyshould look.• For my lasers I havelooked into a YouTubechannel which shows mehow to make neonlasers, layers and how tomake my outcome to aprofessional standard.
  17. 17. Copyright• Copy right is a huge issue with my product. Iwill be using photos and graphics whichbelong to others. In order for me to avoid anytrouble I will quote where I have got themfrom, taking no credit. Although they will beclearly manipulated I will make it clear wherethe original is from.