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Extended project


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Extended project

  1. 1. Extended ProjectCarrie Helie
  2. 2. • I am going to create a music video, but instead of using recordings I am going to use photos. I will also use an non copyright song, so I will record my friend singing and playing the piano to a song that she wrote especially for this project.• I have chosen this a my extended project as I have previously made a music video, therefore I believe it will be easier for me to do, and to gain more skills on it for future purposes.The proposal
  3. 3. • I researched into popular indie bands as this is the genre I wanted to use my in my song. When I watched the videos related to my genre, there was a general overall pattern that most of the songs didn’t actually just relate to the music video itself, the music video can be related to other things as well.Video research
  4. 4. • A lot of songs in the indie genre are to do with love or how they miss someone. Quite a few are to do with their lifestyles as well. Therefore I based my song around one or more of these subjects.Song research
  5. 5. • A story line that doesn’t have to relate to the song.• Feelings to put a cross an emotion• Interesting photosWhat My video shouldinclude
  6. 6. • I don’t want my music video to be boring, therefore it wont keep the audiences attention. My video cant be bad quality as this wont help the views.What I don’t want toinclude
  7. 7. • The song was an important part my music video, although it would have been easier to use a song that already exists it would be difficult to gain access to being able to use it due to copyright.• The song lyrics had been changed a lot, the writer changed the lyrics as we progressed, improving them.Creating the song
  8. 8. • Janey ( who wrote the song) also wrote the music. She did not write the music down, only went along with the lyrics when it came to it. She wasn’t persistent with the piano, but this made it more unique, she fitted the music well with the song.Creating the music
  9. 9. • My ideas for the music video always changed, I didn’t have any pacific idea on what I wanted to create, I only new that I wanted to contain a substantial amount of pictures in order for a good effect. OK GO- Last Leaf was my inspiration to use photos instead of recordings. I believe this gave off a good effect.Ideas for the video
  10. 10. • I used an expensive camera in order to complete my music video. No other equipment was used, minimal props were you used, only 2 pairs of shoes. I used a public area for the making of my video, as this meant i didnt have to go through the hassle of getting permission off anyone.Location and equipment
  11. 11. The video took two days to record,I used 2 different locations through out the music video.I produced over 290 photos in order to create my musicvideo.Shooting the video
  12. 12. I spent 4 hours editing my video, putting together all thephotos in right order. I had to cut the song short from theoriginal version due to the amount of photos i had taken.Editing the video
  13. 13. • I would change the time I left myself in order to complete the project. Furthermore I would make the pictures better quality in order to get a better idea of the story I was wanting to put across.What would I change?