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Iditarod webquest using power point


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Published in: Education
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Iditarod webquest using power point

  1. 1. Picture by Jeff SchultzIntroduction Tasks ProcessResources Evaluation Conclusion
  2. 2. Introduction• You have just been hired by a company that makes dogharnesses. The president of this company, NatalieBowers, is thinking about sponsoring the Iditarod in Alaskato advertise their product but she doesn’t know muchabout it. She would like you to research the Iditarod andhow the dogs are treated to see if the Iditarod would be agood thing to sponsor or if it would be bad for herbusiness. Next- Tasks!
  3. 3. Tasks1) You have an important job ahead of you! You need to educate the president, Mrs. Bowers, about the Iditarod and Alaska. You will create a presentation of your choice (power point, brochure, poster, etc) to explain all the information.2) You will also write a letter to Mrs. Bowers to persuade her to consider sponsoring the Iditarod or not to. You need to state information from you research that supports your reasons.
  4. 4. Proces s•The first thing you need to do is read and learn about the Iditarod and the history behindit. Click here to go back in history!•Alaska is a very interesting place. You will learn what you need•Now you know where it all began, learn about the trail the racers follow over the course.Please check out the map, and you can click on the checkpoints to learn more abouteach of them.•The vet center discusses the wellness of the dogs. Please read over several of thoseconsequences from running such a long race.•Read this article about one group who opposes the Iditarod and learn their reasonswhy.•Hear from the mushers themselves. Read this Q & A with their thoughts about theirdogs.•Do any other research you need to so you are educated on the Iditarod and how thedogs are treated. Be thinking about which side you are on.•Review how to write a persuasive letter.
  5. 5. Evaluation Rubric for the persuasive letter Letter 1 3 5 Ideas are not Ideas are mostly Ideas are focused Ideas focused. Ideas are focused and on and on topic. Ideas not persuasive. topic. Ideas are are persuasive. somewhat persuasive Word choice is not Word choice is Word choice is very Word Choice persuasive somewhat persuasive persuasive Many convention Several convention Little or few Conventions errors. Hard to read. errors but doesn’t convention mistakes. make it hard to read. The writing doesn’t The writing mostly The writing follows Letter Form follow correct letter follows correct letter the correct letter format. format. format
  6. 6. Evaluation•Rubric for the visual presentation Presentation 1 3 5 Several informational Some informational All informational Information elements are missing. elements are present elements are but some are missing. presented. The presentation is The presentation is The presentation is Attractiveness messy and attractive though attractive with design distracting. messy and neatness. The presentation The presentation The presentation Knowledge lacks knowledge of shows some shows great the Iditarod. knowledge of the knowledge of the Iditarod. Iditarod. There are several There are a few There are only a Grammar grammar mistakes mistakes but doesn’t couple mistakes. which makes it hard hinder readability. to read.
  7. 7. Conclusion You have given your presentation and letter to Mrs. Bower. She is still reviewing all the information and will make a decision soon as to whether her harness company will be a sponsor for the Iditarod or not. She stated that your research was well thought out and how helpful you were to her. You may be getting a raise!! Be proud of yourself!!
  8. 8. Resources Information retrieved from and tarod/dogs_life/index.asp?article=dogs_l ife Pictures by Jeff Shultz from